Women Rights Prize

Nominations for the Women's Rights Prize are invited annually and may be submitted by individuals, organizations, and institutions that are active in or have an appreciation for contemporary events in the field of Women's Rights.

The following may be nominated?

Individuals or groups that have made contributions, often at personal or professional risk, to furthering the rights of women and girls in any area, and to advancing gender equity.

The nomination must include:

  • description of the nominee's major contributions, including publications and related achievements
  • the nominee's curriculum vitae without full list of publications
  • the reason for the nomination
  • if the nominee makes the Selection Advisory Board's short list, three letters of support from individuals outside the nominee's own institution or organization.

    Deadline: December 31.

    For additional information contact:

    The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation,

    Phone: 340-775-8011.

    Fax: 340-775-8040.

    Email: nominations[at]gruberprizes.org

    For more information see; Women Rights Prize

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