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Volunteer in Orphanages

Volunteer in Orphanages: Depending on your interests and skills, we can make sure that you find the right volunteering opportunity.

We have special opportunities for everyone including young volunteers and university students.

Orphanages vary in size mostly 20 to 200 children. Due to scarcity of resources, children’s homes are normally very constrained.

The orphanages we work with are in dire need of food , medication, clothing, beddings, books, furniture, and playing equipment. Many children are malnourished.

Besides volunteering, any help that volunteers and fund raisers can provide will always be appreciated e.g. soliciting donations for classroom supplies or books on teachers' wish lists is a great way to help.

School aged children normally attend school during the school term and only non school aged and sick children remain at orphanages during school hours.

Some orphanages run their own school which resident children and neighborhood children attend. The budgets of many orphanages mean there is only enough to provide the basic necessities.

Therefore, you will need to provide supplies or resources for any kind of activity you may want to engage the children/orphanage.

Typical volunteer duties at a children’s home include:

  • Teaching the school going children and helping them to do their homework after school
  • Help in keeping the children busy and organizing educational and recreational activities for them (games, art, music, etc.)
  • Helping to keep the children’s home clean.
  • Helping with and monitoring the cleanliness of the children.
  • Helping with the cooking, washing of dishes, laundry, building structures etc.

    volunteering with kids in an orphanage

  • Helping the children to learn common courtesies, moral education etc.
  • Making suggestions to the home manager for improvement.
  • International volunteers at orphanages often teach the schools at the orphanage or in nearby public schools that orphanage children attend.

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