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Volunteers in Nairobi stay at a hostel type accommodation or home stay accommodation.

You will share a room with a number of other volunteers of the same gender and will sleep in bunk beds.

Couples are provided a separate room.

You will share a flushing toilet and bathroom with a shower with other volunteers. There is running water in the house.

As with the running water, there is electricity, but this will not be as reliable as it is at home in the West (A good reason to bring a decent torch!). Black-outs are common, and it is not unusual to go without power for a few hours at a time.

You will need to do all your own laundry (by hand), as well as cleaning your room and helping with cleaning of the common areas and kitchen.

Volunteer Accommodation Volunteers in the boys room
Volunteers in one of the boys room.

Volunteers in one of the girls room.

Kenya Volunteers Project 55 Kenya Volunteers Project 65
Volunteers room at the volunteer house Nairobi.

Volunteers play a game of football inside the compound in Nairobi.

Volunteer Accommodation
Kenya Volunteers Project 56
Volunteer house in Nairobi has modern facilities including flush toilets and hot showers.

Volunteers house in Nairobi has adequate storage cupboards.

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    Kenya Masai Volunteer Program Accommodation

    Accommodation for volunteers is basic and at the Masai village (Manyatta). The volunteers have the opportunity to learn about Maasai people and Maasai culture. They also see Masai warriors in the community and in the Maasai villages (Manyattas).

    Living conditions on the Kenya Maasai volunteer program are basic. Masai home stays having no running water or electricity. The areas tend to be very dry but scenic.

    Kenya Volunteers Project 57 Kenya Volunteers Project 61
    Volunteer Accommodation in Maasai. (Maureen Pohoresky from Brantford, ON, Canada.)

    Maureen helps slaughter a goat at a Masai volunteer home stay.

    Vesna Masai 1 Vesna Masai 2
    Volunteer Kenya Accommodation: Vesna - Philadelphia, PA; USA.

    Vesna fetching water for her masai volunteer home stay