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I have published one paper on the topic in Vision Research.

My present impression is that a number of workers are aware of these issues but that no one is doing serious work in the area.

The D.Phil. student would consider the following questions:

1. What is the problem?

2. How well might various strategies/mechanisms of colour constancy work in water?

This would include consideration of Horizontal cells in fish retina, which have long been known to have complex spectral properties, and are almost certain to play a role in colour constancy;

3. What are the consequences for visual communication, especially amongst colourful fish.

For example what colours should they use and how should the display ? or view displays.

The student would:

1. Develop MATLAB (or similar) models, to answer these questions.

2. Collect spectra and natural image data, on which to run the models.

3. It is possible, but not essential that they would collaborate on or do behavioural work in fish to test predictions of these models.

For further information please contact:

Karen White
Graduate School Co-ordinator,
School of Life Sciences,
University of Sussex, Falmer,
Brighton BN1 8QG,


Tel 01273 872774

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