The St Andrews Prize for the Environment

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The St Andrews Prize for the Environment is an international initiative of the energy company ConocoPhillips and the University of St Andrews, Scotland’s oldest and best-known seat of learning.

An important aim of the St Andrews Prize for the Environment is to provide seed-funding to help promote implementation of innovative environmental ideas and solutions.


  • The Prize consists of an award of USD$75,000 and a medal.
  • Additional awards of USD$25,000 are given to the runners-up.

    Entries for the prize should be practical and combine good science, economic reality and political acceptability.

    They should also have the potential for wider application.

    In most circumstances, they should not already have received widespread recognition, but applications will be judged on their merit.

    The St Andrews Prize network is available to provide other connections and support.

    Deadline: 31st October

    For more information and application, visit: The St Andrews Prize for the Environment Website
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