The Richard Metzler MBA Scholarships

The Foundation for Excellence in Management Consulting in affiliation with the Association of Management Consulting Firms is pleased to announce: "The Richard Metzler Scholarships"


The primary bases for selection are scholarship and a commitment to management consulting.

Other qualities such as initiative, character, responsibility and community service are also considered.

The applicant must:

  • Be matriculated and attending an MBA degree program at a leading institution of higher learning.
  • Demonstrate academic excellence.
  • Evidence strong leadership skills and have demonstrated responsible
  • Citizenship through community service or related activities.
  • Evidence a commitment to pursuing a career in the field of management consulting
  • Be able to provide a letter of recommendation from either an academic or professional source.

    The scholarship amounts to a total of $2500 each, one for the US and one for Europe.

    It should be noted that applying for this scholarship does not guarantee an award will be granted.

    Contact Information: 380 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1700, New York, NY 10168, United States, Tel: 212 551 7887. Fax: 212 551 7934. Email: info[at]

    For more information and application, see; The Richard Metzler MBA Scholarships:

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