The Cartoon Africa International Biennial Contest

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The biennial festival/contest is a multi-purpose and all-inclusive novel platform that will provoke ideas on what could be the future frontiers of African cartoons, comics and graphic humour industry.

It is also inspired to stir up and mobilize/generate creative and innovative ideas from participants/contestants, across the continent and beyond, in the form of "solution seeds" for technological innovations and social reengineering in the context of developing Africa holistically through Art and media in the next ten years.

There are no participation fees payable.

Professional and armature cartoonists, comic artists, satirists, comic/cartoon animators, and other creators of humorous art in Nigeria, western, eastern, southern and northern Africa, the Diaspora, and friends of Africa from other parts of the world can participate freely in the Cartoon Africa International Biennial (CAIB) festival/contest and possibly win big.

Female African cartoonists and comic artists are highly encouraged to participate, as there will be special opportunities and offers awaiting successful female participants in CAIB.

Cash prizes in US dollars, certificates and special large paintings by the global Media Award winning Nigerian cartoonist, FRANCODUS, will be awarded to the best three entries cross the 6 sub-themes for the CAIB contest.

For more information and application, please visit; The Cartoon Africa International Biennial Contest Website

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