Systemic Peacebuilding Conference - Executive Leadership Program (ELP)

Date: August 26 - 28,

Location: London, UK

Deadline for Applications: August 15th

Executive Leadership Programs are intended to enhance knowledge and understanding of practical issues in peacebuilding amongst policy makers and practitioners providing a forum to engage together to address key issues in peacebuilding, crisis prevention and management, and conflict transformation.

Participants are highly positive on the depth and quality of their experience and its practical relevance and impact for their work.

Their goal is to improve effective policy and practice on key issues in peacebuilding, human security, crisis prevention and management and conflict transformation.

Who is the Program Designed For?
Participants in Executive Leadership Programs include senior staff of national and international governmental and non-governmental agencies, political leadership and policy makers, and people who have worked in peacebuilding, development, human rights, gender, and politics for years.

Participants come from all continents, from a wide-range of conflict backgrounds and experiences.

To participate, applicants must complete the Application Form and send it to: training[at]

For further details and application materials, see: Systemic Peacebuilding Conference - Executive Leadership Program - ELP Website

To read the full program outline, click here