Social Justice Fund

Our Social Justice Fund currently makes 8 to 10 grants annually of up to $2,000 for grassroots activist projects in the US and around the world, giving priority to those with small budgets and little access to more mainstream funding sources.

Proposals for counter-recruitment projects should be submitted to the Counter Recruitment Fund.


The Muste Institute's Social Justice Fund considers proposals:

  • for new projects or campaigns, or efforts to expand existing work

  • for projects with expense budgets under $50,000

  • for projects which are local, regional, national or global in scope

  • from groups located anywhere in the world

  • from grassroots organizations with annual expenses of less than $500,000

  • from groups with limited or no access to more mainstream funding sources

  • from groups that may be unincorporated or incorporated

  • from groups with or without 501(c)3 status or a fiscal sponsor

  • from groups which have not received Social Justice Grants from us in at least two years

  • The Social Justice Fund's priority is to support:

  • direct grassroots activism and organizing

  • groups with diverse, representative and democratic internal leadership structures

  • groups which have or can obtain sufficient economic and in-kind support from a diversity of sources to carry out their regular work, but need additional support for a particular project

    Although we value the work, we do NOT consider grant proposals for the following:

  • general support of ongoing operations

  • individual efforts or scholarships

  • schools or universities

  • organizations with significant access to government, corporate or mainstream charitable funding

  • academic or research projects

  • art, theater, film or video projects which are not directly tied to activism or organizing

  • economic development projects

  • capital campaigns or expenses

  • direct social services

  • legal defense or litigation

  • lobbying or electoral campaigns

  • projects geared toward participants’ personal improvement or business success

  • conflict resolution or violence reduction projects, unless they directly promote activism

    Application Deadline; October & April.

    For More Information and Application, Please Visit; Social Justice Fund Website