Scholarships in Financial and Empirical Modelling

Trondheim and Sør-Trøndelag University College - Norway

Trondheim Business School (TBS), Sør Trøndelag University College, is offering a Phd Scholarship in financial and empirical modelling of energy markets.

The research project involves building decisions tools relevant for pricing and hedging in the electricity spot and derivative markets. Consequently, research will be centred on the following thematic research areas (for a detailed description of these research themes, contact the references below):

-Prediction modelling of electricity and natural gas markets.

-Modelling electricity spot and derivatives markets using both equilibrium and no-arbitrage analyses.

-Analysis of area price risks in the electricity market

-Real options analysis of production and investment decisions

The scholarship amount is 340000 NOK per year.


  • Applicants should have an excellent academic background and have (or expect to have) a Master degree, specialising in Finance or Economics, with averages at distinction level.
  • The candidate should also have a strong background in quantitative fields such as mathematics, statistics/ econometrics, and IT.
  • Before applying to the programme, applicants should have a clear understanding of their intended research topic. A mandatory part of the application process is a detailed research proposal.

    The applications and all the documentation should be sent to this address including 4 copies:

    Trondheim Business School
    HIST, 7004 Trondheim

    For further details, please contact;
    Dean Ove Gustafsson
    Tel: 47 73 55 99 41
    Email: Ove.Gustafsson[at]

    Mark the application with the following reference: TOH-stip.03/2008.

    For further details, see: Scholarships in Financial and Empirical Modelling Website
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