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Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary field dealing with the scientific study of natural systems and human impacts on these systems.

Most environmental problems are complex, demanding the problem-solving insights of multiple disciplines.

A student seeking to specialize in Environmental Science is required to focus on at least three areas.

First, it is important for him to understand the natural processes (both physical and biological) that operate in the world.

Second, it is important to appreciate the role that technology plays in our society and its capacity to alter natural processes as well as solve problems caused by human impact.

Third, the complex social processes that are characteristics of human populations must be understood and integrated with knowledge of technology and natural processes to fully appreciate the role of humans in the natural world.

The program proposed here is clearly different from Environmental Engineering in both its content and objectives.

The distinction lies in the emphasis of the proposed program on the scientific aspects of environment rather than on its engineering applications.

4. Admission Requirements

Science or engineering graduates from recognized institutions who have a GPA of 3.00 or above (on a 4.00 scale), or equivalent, are eligible to apply for admission as a regular student in the Master of Environmental Sciences Program.

Applicants should also have satisfied the Graduate School admission requirements.

Students with any deficiencies in their undergraduate courses will be required to take the relevant deficiency courses.

6.Degree Awarded

The degree awarded in this program is Master in Environmental Sciences.

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