Renal Discoveries Grant Program

Baxter Healthcare Corporation Announces Renal Discoveries Grant Program to Advance Science and Care for Kidney Disease Patients.

Baxter Healthcare Corporation has announced guidelines for its Renal Discoveries Extramural Grant Program.

The program, which is designed to promote scientific advancement and training in the field of kidney disease, awards grants for innovation, exploration, and application of research to advance the knowledge of renal insufficiency and its treatment.

Four grants will be awarded and funded each in Asia/Pacific, Latin America, North America, and Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia.

Grant recipients receive up to $375,000 each over three years to conduct research that can be translated into clinical applications to improve care for patients with kidney disease.

Research must be focused on dialytic therapies, chronic kidney disease, or co-morbidities associated with end-stage renal disease.

Each grant also includes funding for research fellowship training at the institutions conducting the research.

The fellowship-training grant will support a minimum of one research fellow at the institution during the course of the grant period.

For more information and application deadline, see: Renal Discoveries Grant Program

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