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The School of Technology and Society is looking for a PhD student in Automation Engineering with specialization in Information Fusion, Ref nr 405-06-42.

The University of Skövde defines the subject of Automation Engineering as the studies of automated equipment, processes and systems.

The PhD student will focus on information fusion within a context of virtual manufacturing for automated process improvement and system optimisation.

This area includes the synergistic integration of snapshot/sensor data with databases and simulation models for improving product quality and process optimisation.

The research entails tools and methods, mainly from the field of virtual manufacturing, computational intelligence and data mining, for predicting and optimising product quality and system performance.

The actual research topic will be defined in close cooperation with the industrial partners.

Qualified for employment is an individual that has a research preparing undergraduate degree from a university or college with a major in automation engineering, process engineering, computer science or related discipline.


The following criteria for evaluation apply to this position:

  • an expressed interest in automation engineering, in particular virtual manufacturing,
  • talent for and interest in applying computational intelligence and/or data mining tools and techniques to solve complex industrial problems is considered an additional
  • good programming skills, in particular in database application developments,
  • good analytical skills and an inquisitive mind, and
  • high importance is attached to the applicants ability to work in groups and ability to cooperate with industry.

    Only a person admitted to Ph.D. studies may be appointed to the position.

    The degree of ability to make progress in Ph.D. studies will be primarily referred to at the appointment.

    The position offers exciting research assignments in a creative interdisciplinary environment with great possibilities for personal development.

    The applicant has an opportunity to influence the direction of the research within the subject area.

    As a member of the research group in Automation Engineering at the School of Technology and Society, the applicant will be part of a team that works with closely related problem areas.

    The successful candidate will participate in the Information Fusion Research Programme,

    Work assignments consist to 80 % of PhD. studies within the frame of information fusion and to 20 % of departmental work at the School of Technology and Society.

    Salary will be according to existing local agreement.

    The employment is time-limited to a maximum of five years and comprises 100%.

    The University of Skövde strives to maintain ethnic and cultural diversity as well as an equal gender distribution within all categories of its personnel.

    Since the majority of the doctoral students within the subject are women, the university especially welcomes female applicants.


    Information about the position is provided by Leo J De Vin, Professor.

    Union information is provided by André Leblanc (SACO-S), Ulrika Granlid (TCO) or Elisabeth Berggren (the Swedish Teachers Union).

    These persons may be reached through the Universitys switchboard, 0046-(0)500-448000.

    Your application must be marked with reference number 405-06-42 and mailed to:

    Registrator University of Skövde Box 408 SE-541 28, Skövde Sweden

    The application must be submitted with an attested list of qualifications, brief written account of scientific, pedagogical and other activities (including future work plans and development within respective activity), list of publications and work referred to, no more than five scientific publications (a minimum of two published during the last three years).

    Information about employment at the University is provided in our Terms of Employment, i.a. a recommendation for designing a portfolio of qualifications.

    All documents must be submitted in two sets.

    Documents should to the extent possible be in English.

    According to the regulations of the National Archives the University is obliged to keep application documents for two years after the appointment of the position.

    Applicants requesting documents to be returned will have them returned after two years, otherwise the documents will be destroyed.

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