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Consultancy for a costing exercise to determine the budgetary implications of up-scaling the provision of Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) Services to all counties

Mission statement

The National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) was established by an Act of Parliament in August 2011 following the promulgation of Kenya’s new Constitution in 2010. The NGEC is mandated to promote gender equality and freedom from discrimination.

As part of this broad mandate the NGEC will work with other relevant institutions in the implementation of policies for the progressive realization of the economic and social rights specified in Article 43 of the Constitution and other written laws.

Beyond developing standards for the implementation of these policies the NGEC will also make efforts to ensure that budgetary provisions are made to support the realisation of these rights.One of the key issues to be address is that of sexual and gender-based violence, and ensuring that survivors receive the health services that they are entitled to, under the Constitution2.

Problem statement

For a long time, SGBV programmers have agitated for the allocation of adequate resources from the government for the treatment and support of survivors and the affected, in light of the devastating consequences for survivors, their families, and for society.

However, without quantifying the kinds of services and cost implications, it has been difficult to secure these resources.

The NGEC is therefore proposing to undertake a costing exercise to determine the budgetary implications of providing and/or up-scaling these SGBV services.

This costing exercise will be based on a minimum package of services (medical (incl. psychosocial), and security-related), to be provided in every county in Kenya, so as to ensure that SGBV services are made available to all survivors, as is their right under the new constitutional dispensation.

The costing exercise will be used to informing the Kenya government, and advocating together with the GBV sub-cluster, for adequate resources to these services (medical (incl. psychosocial), and security-related).

Overall, this exercise will contribute to the government’s efforts towards gender responsive budgeting.

Boundaries, beyond which the investigation should not go.

The focus is on the cost implications of providing SGBV services in all 47 counties in Kenya, based on current levels of service provisioning at the sub-district and district levels.

The costing exercise should focus on funds required to support a comprehensive minimum package of services i.e. medical (incl. psychosocial), and security-related, to one county level healthy facility, for each county.

Submission Instructions

Interested bidders must obtain the Terms of Reference (TORs) from the address below during office hours i.e. between 8am and 4pm, to guide them on what documentation they will be required to submit.

Interested bidders will be required to provide proof of their ability to undertake this assignment, by submitting evidence of having undertaken similar assignments.

In addition to furnishing the NGEC with examples of costings exercises that they undertaken, they will be required to provide Letters of Commendation (originals) from the institutions for which they have undertook these assignments.

Submissions are to be made in English and delivered to the offices of the NGEC, in a plain, sealed envelope, marked: 'Consultancy for Costing Exercise for SGBV services'.

Envelopes should be addressed as follows:

The Commission Secretary
National Gender and Equality Commission
N.S.S.F. Building, 24th Floor (Block A, Eastern Wing)
P.O. Box 27512-00506,

Thereafter it should be deposited in the ‘National on Gender and Equality Commission Tender Box’ located at the main entrance of the offices of the NGEC.

For any questions or queries, please direct them to the following e-mail addresses: chris.keter [at]

You can also contact the above officer by phone on Tel: +254 20 2727776/8.

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