My Experience With the Erasmus Mundus Masters Journalism Contd...

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The degree scheme brings together five leading European institutions in the journalism and

media education, combining the best academic research and teaching from the different

national educational cultures.

What has been your experience like with the programme?

It has been a great experience.

The many friends I have made, the wonderful moments we have had in journalism schools across Europe, the diversity of the cultures, and the high-quality training we have received.

They all go down the memory lane as my simple moments in history. It’s has been a wonderful programme.

It’s opened my eyes and this has eventually changed my life!

What have been the highlights? What has been not so good?

It’s really hard to say. I still find it amazing how the programme gives young reporters

the opportunity to study in three different European countries. Thanks to the program, I have studied in Denmark, the Netherlands and now in the UK.

I have enjoyed meeting and talking to respected people in the media world, and this has helped me build my contacts across the UK, continental Europe and America.

Perhaps, but the weather….has sometimes been so harsh on me!

What is the training like?

It is a lot of fun, sufficient and can be tiring sometimes. The trainers are experienced academics and journalists and try their best to make sure the classroom experience is similar to reality.

The atmosphere is very supportive.

What kind of challenges have you encountered? Anything that surprised you?

One of the greatest challenges that I faced was trying to balance all the tasks that I was required to do and not to get carried away by the exciting travel excursions in place.

There are also other interesting events happening all year round within the cities that attract your eye as a foreign student; from the music festivals in Aarhus (Denmark), and

the annual cut-flower auctions in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) to the dealings at the London Stock Exchange.

I was also surprised by the amount of financial news covered in London.

I had initially covered some financial stories in Nairobi but they were not as complicated as the daily stories you are expected to deliver in London, and Europe at large.

However, at the City, our lecturers trained us how to explain the most complicated market jargon in a very simple language.

What advice would you give someone applying? Is the programme meeting your


It is a fantastic programme to pursue if you want to be a top reporter and the programme invests a lot of money in you to achieve that.

If you don’t like media, politics and finance, you are better off looking a little further for something else.

Try to develop some interest in politics and news media as well as finance.

Yes, I am happy with the career choice and I look forward to covering the financial

markets in the near future.

How do you see your career development in the future?

I hope to get more specialized in the energy market in the future.

I also hope to get some chance to travel around in the Middle East, including Israel, and Asia, too.

If you are interested, please visit: or


Prof. Hans-Henrik Holm and Inger Munk directly at the Danish School of Journalism

Tel.: +45 89 440440

Fax: +45 86 168910


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