Mombasa Polytechnic University College

Institutional Profile

The Mombasa Polytechnic University College is the Flagship University of Mombasa County, set along the expansive shores of the beautiful and magnificent Indian Ocean and overlooking the famous Tudor Creek.

A constituent college of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

The Mombasa Polytechnic University College was established through Legal Notice No. 160 of 23rd August 2007.

The University College, which boasts of unique architecture depicting the rich historical influences and developments of the region, has transformed from Mombasa Institute of Muslim Education in 1948; Mombasa Technical Institute in 1966; Mombasa Polytechnic in 1972; and finally to its current status in 2007.

It’s dynamism in managerial and academic leadership has seen this prestigious University College offer courses at certificate, diploma and degree levels in Engineering, Science, Business and Technology.

In order to actuate its vision, and be an active player in realization of the Vision 2030, the positions advertised below are meant to strengthen the University College capacity for effective and efficient service delivery.

The University College invites applications from suitable qualified candidates for the following vacant positions:

1. Administration, Finance & Planning Division

Registrar (Administration & Planning)

Grade 15ARef: MPUC/N/REG/ADMIN/01/2011No of posts: 1

Deputy Registrar (Academic Affairs)

Grade 14NRef: MPUC/N/DRAA/ADMIN/01/2011No of posts: 1

Senior Assistant Registrar (Academic Affairs

)Grade 13NRef: MPUC/N/SARAA/ADMIN/01/2011No of posts: 1

Database Administrator

Grade 10NRef: MPUC/N/DBA/ADMIN/01/2011No of posts: 1

Assistant Accountant I

Grade 8NRef: MPUC/N/AAI/ADMIN/01/2011No of posts: 1

Administrative Assistant (Planning)

Grade 8NRef: MPUC/N/AAP/ADMIN/01/2011No of posts: 1

Administrative Assistants (Deans Offices)

Grade 8NRef: MPUC/N/AADO/ADMIN/03/2011No of posts: 3

Catering Assistant

Grade 2NRef: MPUC/N/CA/ADMIN/01/2011No of posts: 1

Head Cook

Grade 5NRef: MPUC/N/HC/ADMIN/01/2011No of posts: 1


Grade 8NRef: MPUC/N/N/ADMIN/01/2011No of posts: 1

2. Academic Division

Associate Professors

Grade 14A

Pure & Applied Sciences

Ref: MPUC/A1.1/AP/01/2011No of posts: 1

Business and Social Studies

Ref: MPUC/A2/AP/01/2011No of posts: 1

Electrical Engineering

Ref: MPUC/A3.1/AP/01/2011No of posts: 1

Senior Lecturers

Grade 13A

Pure & Applied Sciences

Ref: MPUC/A1.1/SL/01/2011No of posts: 1

Business & Social Studies

Ref: MPUC/A2/SL/01/2011No of posts: 1


Grade 12A

Mathematics & Physics

Ref: MPUC/A1.2/L/01/2011No of posts: 1

Business & Social Studies

Ref: MPUC/A2/L/01/2011No of posts: 1

Building & Civil Engineering

Ref: MPUC /A3.2/L/01/2011No of posts: 1

Mechanical Engineering

Ref: MPUC/A3.3/L/01/2011No of posts: 1

Assistant Lecturers

Grade 11A

Pure & Applied

Ref: MPUC/A1.1/AL/02/2011No of posts: 1

Mathematics & Physics

Ref: MPUC/A1.2/AL/01/2011No of posts: 1

Business & Social Studies

Ref: MPUC/A2/AL/01/2011No of posts: 1

Electrical Engineering

Ref: MPUC/A3.1/AL/01/2011No of posts: 1

Building & Civil Engineering

Ref: MPUC/A3.2/AL/01/2011No of posts: 1

Mechanical Engineering

Ref: MPUC/A3.3/AL/01/2011No of posts: 1

Medical Engineering

Ref: MPU/A1.4/AL/01/2011No of posts: 1

Teaching Assistant

Grade 10A

Electrical Engineering

Ref: MPUC/A3.1/TA/02/2011No of posts: 2

Mechanical Engineering

Ref: MPUC/A3.3/TA/02/2011No of posts: 2

Pure & Applied

Ref: MPUC/01.1/TA/01/2011No of posts: 1

Applications should be sent to the address below to reach not later than 17th September 2011

The Mombasa Polytechnic University CollegeTom Mboya AvenueP.O Box 90420 – 80100Mombasa, Kenya

MPUC is an equal opportunity employer

For more information, see: Mombasa Polytechnic University College Website