Midwife Volunteer Placements in Africa & Midwife Training

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Midwife volunteer placements and midwife training jobs are available in all the African countries where we place volunteers.

Volunteer Midwife: Newborn

Volunteer midwife jobs offer a good training opportunity for a student midwife and anyone wishing to become a midwife.

Midwifery volunteer is also ideal for experienced midwives and enhances the training and capacity of midwives in African hospitals.

There is a severe shortage of nurses and midwifes in Africa. Midwife volunteers help in midwifery training of African students who wish to fill in the many midwifery vacancies.

Patient Care Situations Available for Midwifery Volunteers

As a midwife volunteer, you will accompany nurses and doctors in the course of their duties. Tasks include to:

Midwife Volunteering: Newborn

  • Assist midwives and parents during the birthing process.
  • Teach and encourage relaxation techniques to the patients during labour.
  • Include and talk to family members during the birth process.
  • Assess mothers and neonates and complete vital signs on both.
  • Monitor contractions and neonate heart rates. - educate parents during the post-partum period regarding what to expect with the mother’s body and infant care.
  • Educate and help with breastfeeding.
  • Complete home visits to patients.
  • Help midwives regarding patient care.

    Volunteer Midwife: Newborn

  • Care for mother and newborns post-operatively and post-vaginal births.
  • Teach parents how to care for their baby and themselves in the post-partum period.
  • Help in blood draws on newborns, IV insertion, care/assistance of circumcisions, care of drug-babies.
  • Teach mother’s how to breastfeed, use of a breast pump, and what is normal in a newborn.
  • Care for mothers who have post-partum haemorrhages.
  • Post-c-section care.
  • Help to insert intravenous catheters and urinary catheters. Help student nurses and student midwives get necessary training to be midwives.

    Midwife Volunteering: Booby (UK) having just helped a delivery

    Some 10 - 15% of your time will also be spent on educating patients on family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, nutrition and other relevant health topics.

    Midwife Student/ Training Placement Schedule

    You will arrive at about 9am on their first morning and will be shown round the hospital by the officer in charge at the time. You will be welcomed and introduced to appropriate staff.

    You will have an induction on issues such as sickness reporting, health and safety information, location of emergency doors, etc. A brief overview of the maternity wing and uniform policy will be discussed.

    Midwife Volunteering: Hailey (USA) having just helped a delivery

    Shift Patterns Allocated to Nursing and Midwifery Volunteers

    You will typically work a thirty five hour week over five days. This will be 9.00am until 5pm Monday to Friday. One hour is allocated for lunch.

    You could also work on one or more weekends during your stay.

    Health and Safety for Midwife Volunteers

  • An induction session is held for all new staff where health and safety measures are covered.
  • Emergency exits, fire extinguishers etc are pointed out.

    Midwife Volunteering: Ben (USA) having just helped a delivery

  • Latex gloves are provided during working shifts. Staff who are allergic to such gloves should point this out.
  • Regular hand washing is encouraged
  • Posters for patient and staff information are clearly displayed.
  • Use of jewellery such as bangles is not allowed

    Volunteer midwifery vacancies are in all the countries we work in. Follow the links below and ask for a midwife volunteer position when you fill in the application from.

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