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    Evaluation Inclusive Child Development Opportunity in Accra, Ghana – Early Identification and Intervention - CBR

    1. Introduction

    According to UNICEF, the first years of life receive the least attention and investment from governments.

    From the approximately 132 million children born worldwide every year, many do not receive the necessary attention, nutrition, health care, nurture and protection they need for a healthy development.

    The rights of children are embodied in various human rights documents. But their human rights are still disregarded millions of times over. Every year, 9.2 million children (2009) still die before reaching the age of five.

    But even if the children survive, all too often they cannot thrive, having acquired poverty-related forms of physical and/or intellectual impairment or developmental delay.

    According to UNICEF, these are at least 10% of all children, in other words more than 200 million.

    An even larger number suffer from limited learning skills and other disabilities preventing them from being able to develop to their full potential. These are the forgotten victims of poverty.

    Early childhood development is an important factor towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Seven of the eight goals directly concern the survival and development of children, meaning all children.

    It is therefore of great importance to significantly increase the commitment in this area so that the development goals can be attained.

    CBM West Africa in cooperation with Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) are developing since 2012 Inclusive Child Development activities that are integrated into the PCG health system and linked with primary educational services

    The aim is to stimulate inclusive development of children with/at risk of disabilities in the society. The PCG- inclusive child development (ICD) Program, started under the Presbyterian Health Services- North (PHS-N) after a pilot study in 2011 identified gaps within the health services related to childhood disability; Impairments in early childhood were delayed detected.

    Consequently, the impairment resulted in a disability. Secondly, there were little or no services provided for Children with or at risk of developing disabilities. Thirdly, it was realised that preventable childhood disability could be well addressed through these Primary Health care, CBR programmes and school health programmes.

    The integrated ICD program has a focus on the early detection and prevention of childhood disabilities within the primary health care set up. The main activities involve training of community health workers on the prevention, detection and facilitation of referral of these children for appropriate interventions.

    We also ensure that these children are not only provided the needed services but are also assisted to enroll and stay in school.

    The program has its office within the head office of the PCG. The ICD office collaborate with the Ghana Health services, Ghana education service, department of social welfare and the MMDA’s of all the districts with operate in, namely The shai – Osuduku District and Osu-Klotey Sub metro in the Greater Accra, Asante-Akyem District in the Ashanti region, Dormaa Municipal in the Brong Ahafo Region, the Bolga, Bawku, Talensi Nabdam, Kasena –Nankana, Builsa north and south districts all in the Upper East region, East Mamprusi in the Northern region.

    2. Evaluation context

    CBM and PCG

    PCG presentation and cooperation with CBM; see below:

    The Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) is the third largest provider of health care in Ghana, and a lead provider of education. It runs a total of 52 health facilities, including four district hospitals, 32 health centers and 9 primary health care outreach programmes.

    It runs 3 health training schools for nursing and midwifery, and a key component of their health strategy is to work in more deprived communities.

    CBM’s support to the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) has over 25 years established services for persons with disabilities, and Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programmes in the Upper East Region.

    Since 2012, a national programme was supported by CBM, the ICD programme, with resulted to the involved of other PCG regions and partners as well.

    CBM [] is an international Christian development organization, committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world.

    The emphasis throughout CBM's work in poorer regions of the world is on local capacity development.

    This increases service delivery in the fields of healthcare, education, rehabilitation and livelihood development as well as organizational development of partner organizations.

    Inclusive Child development in Ghana

    ICD program is implemented by PCG Primary Health Care and Community based Rehabilitation programmes.

    The National Health coordinator and the National ICD coordinator of the PCG are responsible for the overall coordination of this integrated programme.

    The PHC- and CBR coordinators are responsible for monitor and evaluation on the field. The ICD officers in each programmes are facilitating ICD activities within the PHC and CBR programmes.

    Inclusive Child development (ICD) in Ghana targets approaches for a healthy and stimulating child development for all children, including children at risk of or with a disability.

    Inclusive Child Development aims at:

  • Reducing the incidence of children born with a disability due to antenatal & neonatal causes (primary prevention);
  • Reducing the disabling effect of an impairment during early childhood by early detection and early intervention (secondary prevention).
  • Reducing social and educative exclusion during early childhood (0-5 years) & Primary school years (6-12 years) (Tertiary prevention).

    The ICD follows specific steps with children and other service providers in Ghana such as:

  • Early identification of disabilities, including learning disabilities,
  • Provision of appropriate interventions,
  • Empowering mothers/childminders to become proactive in relation to their children’s activities ,
  • Dissemination of material crucial to the development of young children,
  • To partner and network with other service providers ,
  • To establish and maintain relevant models of child intervention programs,
  • To make appropriate referrals ,
  • To facilitate inclusive education
  • To reduce stigma and local beliefs & practices related to childhood disability

    In 2015, the ICD program follow specific steps to sustain Inclusive Child Development within PCG and its main partners such as:

  • Developing a disability-inclusive Trainings curriculum for all national Nurses and Midwifery trainings colleges which include Child hood disability components related to prevention, early detection, early intervention and disability definition & right issues. The Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC) is responsible for distribution and training, supported by CBM/PCG.
  • Implement an ICD early intervention program-component which has been linked to research and research institutes with the aim to adequately obtain evidence based recommendations for long term sustainable implementation. The research outcomes are used to advocate for disability inclusion on child health policy and strategy level.
  • Training the PCG management on Inclusive Development and Disability which e.g. leaded to include childhood disability and its indicators within their 5 year PHC strategic planning and budgeting.

    3. Objectives and Scope of the evaluation

    CBM decided to commission this evaluation to guide and provide inputs to its future strategic orientations in Ghana.

    Indeed, CBM is working with PCG for a long time now and so far none of the projects have been hardly evaluated.

    This evaluation will assess the ICD program performance to date (especially in terms of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and participation), and determine the likelihood of ICD program achieving its “intended” outcomes and impacts, including their sustainability. The evaluation has two primary purposes:

    1) To provide evidence of results to date and of the likelihood of outcomes and impact in the future, and

    2) To identify the challenges and risks and to derive improving actions needed for the project to achieve maximum impact and sustainability.

    In addition, the evaluation is expected to promote learning, feedback, and knowledge sharing through results, accomplishments and lessons learned among PCG and the project partners.

    In this particular case, there are no project documents as such with logic framework, budget, planning and monitoring and evaluation system.

    Therefore as adequate information on baseline conditions, objectives and results to achieve, activities and indicators are missing, it is requested from the evaluator to consider any simplifying assumptions that were taken and shared to enable her/him to make informed judgements about ICD “performance”.

    Nevertheless for clarity and evaluation purpose, it will be used ICD program or ICD as terminology throughout the ToR.

    4. Evaluation questions

    The main topics covered by the evaluation will be the following:

    Achievement/attainment of outputs, outcomes and activities

    The evaluation should assess the extent to which ICD program “implicit” objectives were effectively and efficiently achieved or are expected to be achieved and their relevance.


    The evaluation will identify and assess the key conditions or factors that are likely to contribute or undermine the persistence of benefits when financial and technical support to the ICD program will be reduced or ends ( once the expatriate in charge will leave Ghana for i.e).

    Some of these factors might be outcomes such as PCG stronger institutional capacities or better informed decision-making. Other factors will include contextual circumstances or developments that are not outcomes of the project but that are relevant to the sustainability of outcomes.

    The aspects of sustainability to be addressed are: financial, institutional/organizational, socio political and technical.


    Replication approach is defined as lessons and experiences coming out of the project that are replicated or scaled up in the design and implementation of other projects.


    PCG (and other partners if relevant) ownership / driveness

    This is the relevance of the ICD thematic and program to PCG and other key partners.

    Stakeholder participation / public awareness

    This consists of three related and often overlapping processes: information dissemination, consultation, and “stakeholder” participation. Stakeholders are the individuals, groups, institutions, or other bodies that have an interest or stake in the outcome of ICD program.

    Implementation approach

    This includes an analysis of ICD’s management framework, adaptation to changing conditions (adaptive management), partnerships in implementation arrangements, changes in ICD program design, and overall management.

    5. Methodology

    This Evaluation should be done in a participatory manner. The people contacted will be in direct contact with the ICD program such as CBM ICD advisor, PCG ICD referent (s) PCG managers and staff, community and families members, children with disabilities, partner’s representatives, etc.

    The evaluation has to be largely based on interviews with the target groups (8 PHC-ICD programmes and 3 Educational partners) and beneficiaries with a great attention put on the target groups’ and beneficiaries' appreciation of the different ICD components and to their own evolution or change all along the programme implementation. Moreover, the interviews should take the specificities of each target group in consideration.

    The evaluation will employ qualitative and quantitative research techniques. These included data/document review, field visits, and interviews. The findings of the evaluation will be based on the following:

    A desk review of project documents including, but not limited to; Annual reports, Sande ma pilot study, KAP study Community health Nurses and Midwives, ICD guidelines, ICD Thesis, PHC-ICD 5 years planning framework & Indicators. Interviews with ICD management team and the technical support one ;

    Interviews with intended users for the project outputs and other stakeholders involved with this project, from community, civil society, governmental, educational and private sectors. As appropriate, these interviews could be combined with an email questionnaire;

  • Field visits to project staff, partners and beneficiaries;
  • Briefing session with CBM Regional office based in Lomé.

    6. Deliverables

    It is expected from the consultant to deliver the following:

  • An inception which contains evaluation objectives and scope, description of evaluation methodology/methodological approach, data collection tools, data analysis methods, key informants/agencies, evaluation questions, performance criteria, issues to be studied, work plan and reporting requirements;
  • A Power point presentation of preliminary findings to the key stakeholders. The comments made by key stakeholders should inform the draft report;
  • A Draft evaluation report which should be delivered with adequate time to allow stakeholder discussion of the findings and formulation of recommendations;
  • A final report. The Evaluator team is expected to produce a report of the evaluation and recommendations for the future in accordance with following structure:

  • Executive Summary (maximum five pages) ,
  • Evaluation purpose,
  • Findings,
  • Lessons learnt,
  • Recommendations,
  • Annexes (including interview list – without identifying names for sake of confidentiality/ anonymity, data collection instruments, key documents consulted, Terms of Reference)

    7. Timing and deadlines

    The evaluation will take place in October and the duration of evaluation will be for 4 weeks

    The final report must be presented by 10th of November.

    The setup of the evaluation process as well as the concrete methods for data collection and analysis shall be proposed by the evaluation consultant/ evaluation team. However, the evaluation concept should at least provide for the following phases:

  • Inception phase: Review of documents, finalization of work plan, preparation of the field phase, inception report,
  • Field phase: Collection and analysis of data , Power Point Presentation on main findings for the stakeholders and restitution workshop,
  • Finalization: Synthesis of evaluation findings and preparation of a draft report to be submitted to the main stakeholders and then the final evaluation report.


  • Inception phase : 5 days, home based
  • Field phase: 20 days, Ghana
  • Finalization (draft report, final report): 6 days, home based

    8. Consultant team

    The evaluation team will be made up of 1 or 2 local persons (one team leader and 1 co-evaluators).

    The team should have the following qualifications:

  • Profound knowledge and professional experience in Inclusive child development, early identification and intervention in child disability context,
  • Prior experience in conducting evaluations is indispensable,
  • 10 years’ experience in development cooperation with 5 years experiences of disability and knowledge of mainstreaming issues,
  • Good knowledge of Ghanaian local society ,
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills,
  • Experience in producing high quality written reports,
  • Fluency in English and local languages.

    How to apply:

    9. Technical and Financial Offer

    The documents to be submitted include:

  • A technical offer including a good description of the methodological approach,
  • A financial offer,
  • CV,
  • Example of previous work done on evaluation of projects.

    The procedure for evaluators to apply is as follow:

    The future job holder adheres to CBM’s values and commits to CBM’s Child Safeguarding Policy.

    CBM encourages persons with disabilities to apply for this position.

    Candidates with the required profile and proven experience, who meet these qualifications, are invited to submit in English via e-mail the offer at: with the subject “ICD Ghana”, by 09th October 2016.

    Evaluation of the proposal

    Criteria Weighting

    Team profile: 40%

    Proposed methodology: 30%

    Financial offer : 30%

    10. Contract and payment

    Terms of Payment

    There will be three payments enumerated as follows;

    30% upon signing of contract

    30% upon presentation of draft report

    40% upon submission of final report

    Technical Advisor Job in Accra, Ghana - Social Change Communications

    Short introduction

    The UK Department for International Development plans to implement a programme tackling violence against women and girls (VAWG) called Preventing Violence Against Adolescent Girls in Ghana (PVAAG).

    The programme is expected to improve the lives of adolescent girls in Ghana by addressing the high prevalence of violence against them. The outcome will be the reduction of violence as experienced among adolescent girls in target communities and the intended impact is the long term reduction in the prevalence of violence against girls and women in Ghana.

    The programme will combine four mutually supportive outputs:

    Output 1: Adolescent girls have increased ability to protect themselves from violence and/or seek support following threats or incidents of violence.

    Output 2: Adolescent boys and girls have improved knowledge and attitudes towards violence against girls.

    Output 3: Social norms campaign target group has improved knowledge and attitudes towards violence against girls (to protect girls from violence and support them to be safe from violence).

    Output 4: Robust knowledge and evidence is produced on the drivers and effects of VAWG against adolescent girls in Ghana and “what works” to tackle this.

    Options is seeking a qualified campaigning and social norms specialist to support the implementation of output 3 and ensure a quality and innovative approach feeding into a youth-led social norms campaign on VAWG, at regional and national level.

    Summary purpose and objectives of role

    The purpose of the role is to support the development of a strategic, integrated campaign designed to drive attitudinal, behavioural and social norms change on VAWG at multiple levels. Responsibilities will include:

    Technical leadership, programme delivery, and successful implementation of output 3, ensuring that the social norms campaign is implemented to the highest standards of quality and efficiency and designed to shift the attitudes and beliefs that justify and perpetuate VAWG in Ghana.

    Provide technical advice on campaigning and VAWG social norms, working closely with other agency counterparts and partners involved in PVAAG.

    Develop tailored messaging frameworks for a range of audiences and contexts, including identifying priority channels and partners for communications.

    Management of social change communications,** working together with the Team Leader, develop and implement a clear vision for the campaign and oversee local adaptation and strategic national level communications.

    Oversee the development of effective communications resources that reflect the campaign’s vision and overall brand personality. Coordinate the team to develop and ensure coherent, integrated messaging across the PVAAG programme.

    Develop and write content, led by local priorities and insight. Proactively engage with social media and other suitable communications platforms identified for each context.

    Ensure that the roll out of the social change communications component in each targeted region follows the vision and strategy designed during Inception and is appropriately adapted to the local context.

    Coordinate with external stakeholders, supporting communications and messaging at regional and national level and taking voices from the ground to regional and national communications.

    Implementing knowledge-sharing and stakeholder engagement, lead on knowledge-sharing through a variety of media to improve implementation and disseminate successes and lessons learnt.

    Develop tools, resources and workshops to build capacity amongst members and partners on social change communication. Work with the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Advisor to ensure that lessons from the programme and routine monitoring data are collected and all donor reporting requirements are met. Client and government and partner relations, represent the programme with external partners, ensure effective coordination with government ministries, DFID, and other stakeholders at regional and national levels.

    Identify opportunities to recruit partners to support the work of the movement and national coalitions (including media and private sector partners), coordinate events and participation of the programme in regional and national events.

    Support advocacy and mobilisation activities as required in target communities, and work with local and national partners as necessary.

    Person specification The successful applicant will possess:

  • At least 10 years’ professional experience in the development and /or charity sector, specifically working in the protection of women and girls against violence.
  • Proven track record in multimedia communications product development and creative assets, including design and understanding of social media in the African context.
  • A demonstrable track record of bringing about transformational social change and developing strategies for challenging environments and complex and sensitive issues.
  • Significant knowledge and experience in campaigning, at regional and national level, engaging key stakeholders, communities and government (incl. local authorities) on social issues faced by girls and women, preferably in the fight against VAWG and social norms change.
  • Strong technical expertise of VAWG and challenges faced by girls in Ghana or related area (e.g. children’s rights, FGM/C, sexual and reproductive health/rights).
  • Previous experience working with a team of highly skilled, multidisciplinary and multinational staff, with ability to multi-task, work under pressure, and adapt quickly to address new information or changing circumstances.
  • Outstanding leadership and client and external liaison skills, with experience of working in complex environments with government, donors and external stakeholders, and building consensus and inspiring motivation among diverse stakeholders.
  • Familiarity with the political, social, economic and cultural context of Ghana and West Africa more broadly.
  • Excellent writer and editor with an ability to communicate complex ideas through simple messages and formats.
  • A postgraduate qualification in Social Science, International Development, Gender or a related discipline.
  • Excellent written and spoken English, with knowledge of national Ghanaian languages a bonus.

    Application process

    To apply, please send your CV with a summary note of your skills and experience and why you feel you are suited to this role, to Leanne Turner Candidates should state the role in the subject header. Closing date for applications is 3rd October 2016.

    Applications will be reviewed as they are received; interested applicants are encouraged to submit applicants as soon as possible.

    National Coordinator Job in Accra, Ghana

    The International Cocoa Initiative [ICI] Ghana National Coordinator supports the Director of Programmes & Policy in the development, management and implementation of ICI’s full programme in Ghana, in pursuit of ICI’s objectives, as proposed to and adopted by the ICI Board and in the framework of ICI’s 2015-2020 Strategy.

    Under the immediate supervision of the ICI International Director of Programmes & Policy, and with the technical supervision of the International Finance Director, the Ghana National Coordinator leads ICI’s operations, and its full team, in Ghana.

    S/he represents ICI to the national authorities and all ICI’s private-sector and civil-society stakeholders in Ghana.

    S/he supports the development of ICI’s operational strategy, the roll-out of ICI’s institutional capacity development, the management of ICI’s human and financial resources in Ghana, and the development of new projects and business opportunities in-country.

    Main tasks and responsibilities

    · Support the Director of Programme & Policy and other relevant ICI Programme Managers in the preparation of the operational strategy and the annual programme for Ghana in line with the strategic objectives of the organisation.

    · Support ICI’s Finance Director and Director of Programme & Policy in the preparation, management and implementation of ICI Ghana’s annual budget.

    · Manage ICI’s programme activities, projects and related budgets in-country, including through monitoring and evaluation, reporting and budget review.

    · Support the Director of Programmes & Policy in overseeing ICI’s programmes and projects in the field, in developing project proposals that are relevant, feasible, cost effective and sustainable, and monitor their implementation.

    · Identify, build and nurture relationships with relevant partners with whom ICI can collaborate to achieve its objectives (including national authorities, other international organisations, cocoa supply-chain actors, private sector, civil society, UN), engaging in a productive dialogue and ensuring effective collaboration around the search for scalable and sustainable solutions to child labour.

    · Coordinate and manage capacity-building initiatives for project stakeholders and counterparts, including with national actors.

    · Identify research needs and gaps that ICI might address.

    · Contribute to the development and implementation of a national communications strategy for ICI, specifically supervising the work of the national Communications Officer.

    · Exercise quality control in the development of ICI’s Ghana programmes, ensuring strict monitoring and management of the Ghana programmes, projects and office budgets within the agreed limits, and in line with ICI’s financial procedures, and make sure that funds are spent as agreed, with the support of the ICI Ghana Finance Associate.

    · Be overall responsible and accountable for the management of staff and the ICI national office, ensuring full compliance with ICI systems and procedures, including for financial management, human resource management, administration and logistics. Supervise and manage ICI’s Ghana team and closely work with the HR Manager other Managers or Directors involved in the recruitment, induction and administration of the ICI staff in Ghana.

    · Lead ICI’s performance management processes for Ghana staff.

    Work experience


    · At least 7 years of relevant professional experience (post-national service) at a senior management level in development assistance or development policy, including working with international organisations.

    · Experience and expertise in team leadership and management.

    · Experience and expertise in building strategic partnerships and in representing an organisation at the highest national and international levels.

    · Excellent written, presentational and public-speaking skills.


    · Experience in child labour mitigation, child protection, children’s rights or community development.

    · Experience in resource mobilisation.

    · Experience in working with the private sector, and ideally with the cocoa sector.

    Skills and competencies

    · Dynamic and energetic personality.

    · Team leader with excellent interpersonal skills.

    · Sound knowledge of development programming and project implementation and M&E.

    · Ability to work under pressure, and meet tight deadlines

    · Excellent facilitation, communications and negotiation skills.

    · Committed to the mandate of the organization.

    · Trustworthy and ready to prioritise the interests of the organization.

    · Willing to travel frequently in Ghana and, periodically, outside the country

    Academic background

    A relevant university degree or equivalent qualification in social sciences, overseas development, international relations or similar.

    Terms: The post carries remuneration and benefits package that is competitive with senior national positions in international non-profit organizations.

    Languages: Fluency in written and spoken English, and a Ghanaian language preferably Twi. Knowledge of French would be an advantage.

    How to apply:

    Qualified applicants should send their CV and Cover letter with the titles “ cover letter” and “ CV to by 07th October 2016. Please put “National Coordinator ICI Ghana” in the email subject line.

    Aid Management Consultant Opportunity in Accra, Ghana

    Duration: 9 months, approximate start date mid-late October 2016

    Location: Accra, Ghana

    The Day-to-Day

    Development Gateway (DG) is currently implementing an exciting multi-year program with a dozen country governments to create and encourage the use of geospatial data for development.

    DG has partnered with major development partners, government institutions, and NGO and academic partners to promote geospatial data collection and use to improve development outcomes. The Aid Management Consultant will be an integral part of this program.

    The Aid Management Consultant (AMC) will build the capacity of Government of the Ghana counterparts in the Ministry of Finance to create and use geospatial data on aid activities throughout the country.

    This includes support to Ministry staff in coordinating data inputs and updates by partners in the government and funder community, capacity building for data management, and training of government and DP staff to analyze and use GIS data for planning, monitoring, evaluation and policy.

    The AMC will work in partnership with government staff to implement a sustainable process for data collection is implemented, and that skills and tools for data analysis within the government of Ghana.

    In addition, the AMC will work with the government to coordinate the update of geospatial information, including collecting relevant documentation from development partners and government and conducting training on usage of GIS data.

    The AMC will train partners on different tools and methods for policy-oriented analysis (especially geospatial analysis) and assist in designing and training for the roll-out of a newly-developed GIS visualization system.

    The AMC will also train users on the new GIS system, track any issues reported with system usage, and serve as the first point of contact for questions from users.


  • Coordination of in-country collection of geospatial data
  • Validation of data in the system; checking for data inaccuracies and data completeness
  • Support the preparation of report and donor profiles
  • Preparation of professional presentations for meetings
  • Daily collaboration with government partners to fine tune and implement data validation, reporting and accountability mechanisms and processes for data collection
  • Continuous training of the business administrators and development partners (as needed)
  • Liaising with the DG technical team regarding technical issues or questions from partners

    Experience and Skills:

  • At least 5 years of project management experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fluency in English
  • Capability to work independently and with a team
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office software (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • GIS experience preferred
  • Experience in training and capacity building
  • Professional demeanor and excellent interpersonal skills
  • High level of comfort adapting to new systems and technologies
  • Demonstrated self-direction and personal initiative
  • Prior experience working in Ghana or in Africa

    How to apply:

    To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to Please put “Ghana Aid Management Consultant” in the subject line. Only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.

    Collaborating, Learning and Adapting Advisor For CVE and Conflict Programming in Accra, Ghana

    1. Introduction and Background

    USAID/West Africa is a regional mission with development assistance activities in 19 countries. The Mission is located in Accra, Ghana. The CLA Advisor position will be based in USAID/West Africa’s Regional Peace and Governance Office, which aims to strengthen systems of non-violent conflict management by supporting activities in regional democracy, governance, and human rights (DRG) and countering violent extremism (CVE).

    A core component of RPGO’s work on DRG aims to reduce electoral conflict as well as supporting conflict early-warning more broadly in the region. In response to the considerable challenges in gathering early warning data and plan for adequate response interventions in West Africa, the United States Government (USG) launched the Early Warning and Response Partnership (EWARP) with the objective to bolster the capacity of the ECOWAS Warning and Response Network (ECOWARN) to monitor, gather, analyze and disseminate threat information to its 15 member states to support peace and security in the region.

    The U.S. Department of State, Security Affairs Office, and USAID/West Africa share the responsibility for EWARP implementation and supporting long-term strengthening of ECOWAS’s early warning and response processes.

    RPGO’s CVE work spans the region and addresses threats from various extremist groups, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Boko Haram being examples. RPGO implements the majority of the USAID portion of the multi-agency (USAID, State and Department of Defense) Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership (TSCTP).

    This strategic partnership represents the U.S. government’s single, largest effort to assist potentially vulnerable regional and national actors to constrict the tactical and strategic operating environment of terrorists in the West Africa sub-region.

    Funding for CVE efforts from TSCTP and other sources, averages approximately $15 million a year. RPGO endeavors to counter violent extremism through programming focused on youth engagement, good governance, media outreach, and community development.

    2. Basic Functions of the Position

    The position’s primary purpose is to provide leadership, guidance, and overall direction to RPGO’s collaboration and learning efforts.

    He/she will advance collaboration with key stakeholders, promote learning, and support processes to enable adaptation in RPGO programs.

    The Advisor is RPGO’s principal champion and coordinator for planning and staging organizational reflection and learning opportunities.

    The incumbent will foster strong, professional relations with key staff in the Program Office and the RPGO to implement RPGO’s learning agenda.

    The incumbent, working with RPGO A/CORs will also foster professional relations with key external partners, colleagues in other USAID missions in West Africa and Washington, D.C., interagency colleagues, and stakeholders to support a Community of Learning and a range of other processes to achieve the objectives of the learning agenda, an articulation of RPGO learning priorities which will be developed and led by the Advisor.

    The Advisor will build CLA functions within the RPGO by advising on learning practices, as well as knowledge management and related systems, including project MEL plans.

    The CLA Advisor assists the team to strategically link the RPGO’s MEL findings to continuous learning and decision-making processes.

    The Advisor assists the team to develop feedback loops to enable the Office and its implementing partners to identify problems in projects—either in their causal logical frameworks, in implementation, or in shifting circumstances in the operating environment or beyond their control—and course correct as soon as possible to maximize results.

    3. Major Duties and Responsibilities

    A. Provide overall CLA guidance to RPGO (35%)

  • CLA Oversight: Providing technical CLA oversight for all RPGO’s activities, including those in USAID limited-presence countries.

    This includes institutionalizing CLA concepts throughout the program cycle and mentoring and advising RPGO staff on how to better incorporate CLA principles in their work.

  • Project Design and Implementation: Providing expert advice on all CLA aspects of program activities and their design and implementation under the RPGO’s jurisdiction and responsibility.

  • Incorporating Results from the Monitoring & Evaluation Plans: Integrating learning and reflection with monitoring and evaluation, helping shape the evaluation questions. Refine existing learning and performance monitoring systems such as:

  • Periodic review of performance indicators, in collaboration with the FSN MEL specialist, to ensure that they are appropriately helping RPGO staff determine whether projects yield the results expected, including testing whether the theories of change remain valid and context indicators to ensure that the team has effective means of monitoring the operating environment.
  • Identifying what other kinds of information and analyses are required beyond monitoring data to answer these questions; and
  • Refining RPGO’s process of project adaptation, upon review of above-referenced indicator data, to increase the chances of achieving the development objective and project purposes.
  • Enable Program Adaptation: Work with AORs/CORs and the MEL Specialist to identify programmatic issues or opportunities to adapt and improve ongoing programs. This process, directed by the CLA Advisor, is meant to encourage RPGO staff to explore untested ideas or assumptions, proactively manage risk and opportunity, identify competing priorities and negotiate a way forward, and foster a willingness to ask difficult questions and raise important ones.
  • Learning Agenda: Establish and implement a learning agenda for RPGO which ensures that RPGO is learning from its activities and the experiences of stakeholders, conducting and disseminating relevant research, and convening stakeholders to exchange knowledge, challenges and best practices.
  • Innovation: Propose and coordinate innovative ways to manage knowledge and use information gathered to more strategically inform decision-making and program development.
  • GIS: Facilitate the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), as appropriate, to strengthen the RPGO’s programmatic coordination, learning and adapting functions.
  • Knowledge Management: Ensure that appropriate knowledge management systems or platforms for the Regional Peace and Democracy Office are functioning and maintained, such as shared folders, websites and other tools. These systems will provide information to update and expand technical knowledge among RPGO staff, implementing partners and West Africa development actors.

    B. Communication and Coordination (30%)

  • Develop Communications and Learning Products: Design diverse communications and learning products in collaboration with RPGO staff and USAID/WA’s Development Outreach Communication (DOC) Officer to communicate the actions and impacts of our programs, relevant information regarding the operating environment, lessons learned, encapsulate outside learning, etc. Such products may be documents, web-based, or multi-media.
  • Communicate Regularly with Key Stakeholders: Organize regular communications with a variety of key stakeholders such as USAID staff, other USG agencies, implementing partners, other donors and African organizations. Such communication may take the form of phone calls, video-teleconferences, an email listserve, etc.
  • Network with Key Stakeholders: Maintain a list of contact of key contacts for important stakeholders in the region, such as external development experts, academics, officials from other donor agencies, partner governments, West African organizations, and regional institutions. Ensure a two-way flow of information that allows RPGO to remain abreast of events and programming in the region.
  • Representation: Representing the RPGO at external meetings and conferences, as requested.
  • Organize “Pause and Reflect” events: Plan and organize learning events, such as workshops and conferences, for diverse groups of stakeholders. The Advisor will also lead RPGO’s contribution to Mission-wide Portfolio Reviews and other Mission-wide “Pause and Reflect” events.
  • Support a Regional CVE Community of Practice: Through information sharing, networking, and events develop and foster a community of CVE practitioners in West Africa who actively share information and contribute to community learning.

    C. Project Management (35%)

  • AOR/COR: Serve as Agreement/Contracting Officer’s Representative (AOR/COR), directly responsible for the implementation and administration of activities related to learning, evaluation, and research. Including:
  • Manage the formal review and approval process for annual work plans and planned activities of implementing partner(s) ensuring that implementation remains on track and in support of USAIDs goals and objectives.
  • Maintain and report budget information on the status of obligations, expenditures, pipelines, accruals, and resource requirements.
  • Engage with project beneficiaries and perform regular site visits in coordination with USAID/West Africa staff, the US Embassy, and the US Military, as needed.

    4. Minimum Qualifications

  • Education: The applicant must have at least an undergraduate-level degree. A graduate-level degree is highly desirable.
  • Experience: The position requires a minimum of five years of relevant experience with a track record of programmatic accomplishment and professional achievement. Experience with USG or other international development organizations is highly desired. The applicant must have demonstrated practical experience in the following areas:
  • Development and management of learning and research systems, such as monitoring and evaluation, organizational development, and/or change management plans and processes.
  • Establishing research agendas and/or evaluation plans. Experience in planning and implementing evaluations, developing performance indicators, data collection and statistical analysis, performance reporting, and an ability to utilize GIS in programmatic monitoring, coordination and evaluation, is highly desirable.
  • Program or project management experience in a developing country context.
  • Successful experience in a team environment.
  • Development of communications and outreach products and/or plans.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    The applicant should have strong management skills as evidenced by previous experience, and be able to interact effectively with a broad range of internal and external partners and USAID clients, international/regional organizations and host country government officials or NGS counterparts.

  • The applicant is required to work collaboratively and productively as a member of a team.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in U.S. government systems and practices is highly desired.
  • The candidate should have a demonstrated capacity to communicate complex policy and program issues orally and in writing in clear, concise and well-organized presentations.
  • Language: Excellent English writing and speaking ability is required. Ability to work competently in speaking and reading French is highly desired.

    How to apply:

    Application requirements for this position are stipulated in Solicitation # SOL-624-16-000023 and can be found at the following websites:

    The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies Jobs in Accra, Ghana

    1. Administrative Assistant

    European Commission Project in Ghana: “Accountability, Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Programme - ARAP”

    Duration: 50 months (full-time job)

    Starting date: October 2016

    Place: Accra, Ghana.


    The overall objective of the EU Project entitled “Accountability, Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Programme-ARAP”, is to promote good governance in Ghana by reducing corruption and improving accountability and compliance with the rule of law.

    The position

    The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies, FIIAPP, a Leading European operator in international cooperation, will oversee the implementation of ARAP programme, establishing a Coordination Unit based in Accra.

    A full-time administrative assistant is sought as support staff for the coordination unit. The assistant will be employed under a service contract with FIIAPP

    Key Duties

    The administrative assistant will work fulltime at the Coordination Unit, in close cooperation with the local team and FIIAPP Headquarters (Spain).

    The main duties, flexible according to project needs, are the following:

  • General office management: Establishing and maintaining proper document recording system.
  • Basic book keeping.
  • Arrange agenda of appointments, meetings and conferences.
  • Preparation of invoices and receipts.
  • Prove organizational and logistic support: Organization of trips for project participants and staff, including flight and room reservation.
  • Other logistic support such as organisation of activities and follow up (catering, renting conference rooms, recording participant, manage the payment of per diems and allowances, internal travel inside Ghana or the Member States for all project participants, etc).
  • Maintain the documentation, information and filing system of the office as well as maintain and update the project web page, databases and management system.
  • Contact with local providers for office supplies, visibility materials, etc.


    Skills and experience required

  • University degree.
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken (Level C1, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office and web pages.
  • Drafting and reporting skill
  • Ability to arrange appointments, meetings, conferences and maintain multiple schedules.

    The following abilities will be considered as an asset:

  • Knowledge of Ghanaian Public Administration
  • Working experience in any other EU funded project or international organizations in similar functions would be an advantage (provide references)
  • Ability to work in an international environment.
  • Soft skills and ability to work in a team

    Timeframe and location

    Working hours required: 40 hours per week, Monday-Friday from 08.00-17.00 with a break of one hour. Flexibility in working time schedule, including occasional overtime, may be required. Travel in land may occur. Working place: Secant Tower, Accra.

    Evaluation Grid

    Candidates will be tested in practical aspects based on a merit selection system.

    Merits (Criteria - Maximum Score)

    Knowledge of Ghanaian Public Administration (CV and reference - 10)

    Working experience in any other EU funded project or international organizations (CV and reference - 30)

    Managerial, Organization communication skills (Interview - 40)

    Computer skills: Excel and Word as a proficiency user (Written test to evaluate level - 10)

    How to apply:

    Permanent residency in Ghana.

    Applications should include a full CV, including a motivation letter addressing the following topics:

    1) Motivation to work in a European project and work in close cooperation with the public administration.

    2) Appropriateness of candidacy. Please, be aware that a set of requirements and an evaluation grid have been provided.

    3) References when available, to prove previous experience in EU projects.

    Candidates are requested to forward their applications (motivation letter, CV and references) via email to the address till the 5st of October of 2016.

    In the field “Subject” of the incoming e-mail, the following string, without quotation marks, should be written “CV ARAP Ref: Administrative assistant”.

    Interviews are foreseen to take place in Accra in October and will be conducted in English.

    Tax Clearance Certificate issued by GRA (Ghana revenue authority

    2. Programme Officer


    Position information

    Title: Programme Officer (local)

    Type of Contract: Service contract (full-time job)

    Duty Station: Accra, Ghana Indicative Starting Date: October 2016 Duration of Assignment: Up to 50 months, or until 5th January 2021


    Under direct supervision of the Team Leader, the Programme Officer will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Responsible for the programme activities in anti-corruption and accountability.
  • This includes liaising with programme implementing authorities and undertaking visits to view project outputs, outcomes;
  • Assist the Coordination Unit with the implementation of other aspects of the Programme including results-based monitoring of work plans to ensure they comply EU / FIIAPP policies, criteria and established procedures;
  • Assist in aligning ARAP activities with national anti-corruption and accountability strategies and programmes and promote coherence of anti-corruption approaches, in close coordination and collaboration with Government institutions,
  • Development Partners and other key stakeholders;
  • Represent ARAP in national technical meetings on anti-corruption and accountability and advocate for anti-corruption interventions as and when required;
  • Assist the government on the maintenance of all records and ensure that reports required are accurate and provided as scheduled;
  • Prepare periodic reports on the progress of operational projects and related government plans;
  • Provide technical support and guidance to ensure programme components are implemented;
  • Arrange necessary meetings and conduct interviews with relevant stakeholders.
  • Responsible for updating the activity information system.
  • Perform other related duties as required

    Expert profile or expertise required

  • University graduate with a Diploma or Specialization degree in Law, Governance, Political Science and/or Anti-Corruption or related issues
  • Al least 10 years of experience in large Governance and/or anti-corruption programmes.
  • Strong experience working with Government bodies
  • Good command of both oral and written English.

    Selection criteria

  • Candidates will be tested in practical aspects based on a merit selection system.

    Merits (Criteria - Maximun score)

  • Experience in good governance /accountability / anti-corruption projects in common law countries (CV - 20)
  • Management of Programmes and projects (CV - 10)
  • Managerial and Organization skills (Interviewand test - 20)
  • Knowledge of the accountability and anti-corruption sector in Ghana (CV and Interview - 20)
  • Communication skills, soft skills and added value (Interview - 20)
  • Computer skills: Office (Excel Word and PPT) as a proficiency user. (Written test to evaluate level - 10) Starting salary 30.000€+, depending on the level, experience and qualifications of the selected candidate.

    How to apply:

    Working hours required: 40 hours per week, Monday-Friday from 08.00-17.00 with a break of one hour. Flexibility in working time schedule, including occasional overtime, may be required. Travel inland may occur. Working place: Secant Tower, Accra.

    We request an electronic CV to be emailed to the attention of Inma Zamora, EU-ARAP Team Leader to the following address:

    Please indicate “CV ARAP Ref: 005/16/ARAP” in the subject of the email.

    Deadline for the receipt of CVs: 5th of October of 2016 at noon, GMT.

    Interviews are foreseen to take place in Accra in October and will be conducted in English.

    The specialist must provide to the CU before the contract signature the following documents:

    BANK certificate proving account holdership.

    Tax Clearance Certificate issued by GRA (Ghana revenue authority)

    3. Finance and Economic Officer

    Duration: 50 months

    Starting date: October 2016

    Place: Accra, Ghana.

    The position

    The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies, FIIAPP, a Leading European operator in international cooperation, will oversee the implementation of ARAP programme, establishing a Coordination Unit based in Accra.

    A full-time local Finance and Economic Officer is sought as support staff for the coordination unit, and will be employed with a service contract by FIIAPP.

    Key Duties

    The officer will work fulltime at the Coordination Unit in close cooperation with local Team and FIIAPP Headquarters, especially with the Finance Officer in HQ. The main duty is the economic and financial management of the project at field level. Task, although flexible according to project needs, are the following:

  • Management of local contracts according to FIIAPP rules and regulations
  • Following up on contracts completion and payments
  • Management of the Petty Cash (GHS). Entry and reconciliation of the cash& credit card payments
  • Project Budget Monitoring
  • Check that all the expenses (invoices, receipts, etc) and that payment receipts meet eligible criteria and fiscal legislation and the availability of funds in the line item of the budget where to allocate them
  • Management of local taxes
  • Prepare the local treasury estimation of the Project
  • Recording of local expenses in project templates
  • Prepare administrative and financial reports
  • Prepare the documentation for audits, both annuals and specifics of the Project
  • Preparation and monitoring of transfers requests and others payment methods
  • Control of the assigned bank accounts and bank reconciliation
  • Providing organizational and administrative support related to foreign Experts missions to Ghana
  • Other functions related to the above that the Coordination Unit and HQ Finance
  • Officer could determinate


  • University degree in Business Administration or Economics.
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken (Level C1, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Fluent in Spanish, written and spoken (Level C1)
  • Minimum 5 year of professional experience in economic/financial/administrative management.
  • Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office applications. Advanced knowledge of Excel
  • Experience in procurement of services and supplies: development of Terms of Reference, review of contracts and public tendering procedures.
  • Excellent organisation skills demonstrable with relevant experience

    The following abilities will be considered as an asset:

  • Knowledge of Western African context
  • Knowledge of Office software packages
  • Working experience in EU funded project or other international donors
  • Ability to solve problems independently.
  • Soft skills and team-work

    Frametime and location

  • Working hours required: 40 hours per week, Monday-Friday from 08.00-17.00 with a one hour break. Flexibility in working time schedule, including occasional overtime, may be required. Travel in land may occur. Working place: Secant Tower, Accra.

    Merits (Criteria - Maximum Score)

  • Language skills: Proficiency in English (Interview and Motivation letter - 15)
  • Language skills: Proficiency in Spanish (Interview - 15)
  • Experience in financial management or justification of grants (CV and written test to evaluate level - 20)
  • Experience in management of projects financed by European Union or others
  • International donors (CV and written test to evaluate level - 20)
  • Labour demonstrated experience or training skills with countable management tool (CV - 15)
  • Skills for the interpersonal relations and teamwork. General adequacy of the personal and professional profile to the offered position (Interview - 15)

    How to apply:

    Candidates are requested to forward their applications (motivation letter, CV and references) the address till the 5th of October The subject of the incoming e-mail should be "Ref: Finance Officer”.

    Interviews are foreseen to take place in Madrid or Accra in October

    4. Short-term “Public Sector Accountability” Specialist

    Ref: 005/16/ARAP

    Position information

    Type of Contract: Consulting and Advisory services Duty Station: Accra, Ghana

    Indicative Starting Date: October, 24st 2016

    Duration of Assignment: Initially 30 working days extendable until the end of the project (January 2021)


    The “International and Iberoamerica Foundation for Administration and Public Policies, FIIAPP”, is a Spanish public international co-operation entity that provides advice to governments in third countries and regional institutions. According to its mission, the Foundation has been awarded the Delegation Agreement “Accountability, Rule of Law and Anti-corruption Programme - ARAP” funded by the European Union.

    The overall objective of the programme is to promote good governance in Ghana by reducing corruption and improving accountability and compliance with the rule of law, particularly when it comes to accountability, anti-corruption and environmental governance.

    The programme is currently in its inception phase and has identified the need to detect and map the different public sector accountability mechanisms available to Ghanaian citizens to report corruption across the different agencies and institutions working in the anti-corruption sector.


    The objective of this consultancy is to provide FIIAPP, particularly the Coordinating Unit of the ARAP with technical services required in the area of public sector accountability.

  • The consultant would provide technical assistance to the counterparts in the area of public sector accountability and would monitor and follow up on to specifics ARAP activities in the public sector accountability area.
  • His/her initial engagement will be a mapping exercise of all the public sector accountability mechanisms available to citizens in Ghana available at national and district level to identify, report and follow up on corruption cases, and ultimately hold the government to account. In addition the incumbent will be required to identify and describe what are the issues citizens face in accessing and using these public sector accountability mechanisms.
  • The assignments translates into working days, being 40 working days the estimated duration for the initial task (identify and map out the accountability mechanisms). The contract could be extended for the duration of the Programme for other assignments related to Technical Assistance and the follow up on the ARAP activities, according with the evolution of the project, and needs identified.


    In conjunction with the Coordination Unit (CU) the Public Sector Accountability expert shall provide Technical Assistance to the stakeholders and follow up on specific ARAP activities regarding accountability area. Particularly, regarding the initial assignment (report on public sector accountability mechanisms), the consultant shall work on the following tasks:

  • Review and analysis of Programme documents;
  • Identify the best methodology to carry out the assignment, which should comprise a good balance between qualitative and quantitative methods;
  • Carry out a literature review on current public sector accountability mechanisms established by Ghanaian law, including reports elaborated by stakeholders and actors of the anti-corruption sector in Ghana;
  • Supporting the Team Leader and CU on a round of consultations with institutions and fact finding missions to map and detect current public sector accountability mechanisms to report corruption at national, regional and district level;
  • Arrange necessary meetings and conduct interviews with relevant stakeholders. Deliverables
  • The initial deliverable will be a Report presenting an overview of current public sector accountability mechanisms available throughout the anti-corruption sector. The report should contain the following:
  • Mapping of current public sector accountability mechanisms available to citizens within the overall anti-corruption chain.
  • Best practices and most effective mechanisms.
  • Comprehensive review of issues hindering access and use by Ghanaian citizens at national, regional and district level.
  • Key statistics of users of national accountability mechanisms with disaggregated data by gender, age, urban/rural divide.
  • Clear recommendations geared towards programme design in the short, medium and long run. The report is expected to be delivered before the end of November 2016 Others deliverables are expected to be commissioned by FIIAPP and will be agreed on a case by case basis, according to ARAP work plans and stakeholders needs.

    Expert profile or expertise required

  • University graduate with a Diploma or Specialization degree in Governance, Political Science and/or Anti-Corruption.
  • At least 10 years of experience Governance programmes.
  • Experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Good command of both oral and written English.
  • Prior experience in Ghana or West Africa will be considered a distinct advantage.

    Merits (Maximum Score)

  • Experience in Accountability/anti-corruption issues (10)
  • Knowledge of the accountability and anti-corruption sector in Ghana (10)
  • Experience with qualitative and quantitative research (10)
  • Evaluation of Technical proposal (25)
  • Evaluation of financial proposal (25)
  • Interview: soft skills and added value (20)


    FIIAPP will pay the tasks previously mentioned, once approved by ARAP, subject to satisfaction and timely completion of the deliverables according to the programme’s daily fee scale.

    Timeframe and payment schedule

    The present consultancy will start when the contract will be signed (estimated on October 1st) ) and the collaboration could extend all over the duration of the project according to the needs detected during the project execution and, in any case, upon FIIAPP request.

    Payments will be made upon submission of the expected deliverable, once accepted by the Coordination Unit, together with an activity report, and a signed timesheet, as well as the invoice.

    For the initial assignment (report on accountability mechanisms), it is estimated that 40 days will be required to undertake the aforementioned tasks and deliver the report.

    How to apply:

    We request an electronic CV to be emailed to the attention of Inma Zamora, EU-ARAP Team Leader to the following address:

    Please indicate “CV ARAP Ref: 005/16/ARAP” in the subject of the email.

    Deadline for the receipt of CVs: 2 of Octuber of 2016 at noon, GMT.

    Technical proposal containing the methodology to be applied, and financial proposal (fees and total cost of consultancy) will be required to five best selected candidates before the interview.

    The specialist must provide to the CU before the contract signature the following documents:

    BANK certificate proving account holdership.

    Tax residence certificate issued by the appropriate tax authority of the specialist’s country of residence.

    Education Development Center Jobs in Accra, Ghana

    1. Monitoring & Evaluation/Grants Coordinator

    Education Development Center (EDC) is one of the world’s leading nonprofit research and development firms.

    Established in 1958, EDC designs, delivers and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the world’s most urgent challenges in education, health, and economic opportunity.

    Our services include research, training, educational materials, and strategy, with activities ranging from seed projects to large-scale national and international initiatives.


    The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining and implementing M&E processes and practices to measure project impact.

    S/he will be expected to train program staff to ensure performance indicators and output, outcome and impact data are prepared and collected properly in targeted geographic areas. This position is located in Accra, Ghana.

    Essential Functions

  • Assist the M&E Manager in their reporting activities and grants ensuring that the figures/data reported is accurate.
  • Assist the Grants Manager in tracking community grants
  • Provide feedback for Data Management information system , maintenance and improvement
  • Participate in the elaboration of the M&E/technical report whenever needed
  • Provide ongoing technical assistance in the use of the new MS Access software
  • Participate in Training organized by EDC to train data Collectors and any other M&E related Training
  • Support Implementing Partners on their M&E related assignments.
  • Database Updating under the guidance and supervision of the M&E Manager.
  • Assist M&E Manager in Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Coordinate and assist monitoring and evaluation data collection activities, including logistics of form distribution and collection;
  • Coordinate and assist data processing, including data transfer, entry, verification and cleaning
  • File forms according to compliance protocols;
  • Coordinate internal communication on M&E progress and results;
  • Coordinate temporary M&E staff or consultants (i.e. data entry, etc.);
  • Provide other support to M&E team as needed;
  • Other functions as needed.

    Qualifications and Requirements

    • Bachelor's degree, preferably in Computer Science, Information Systems/Technology, Statistics or other related field;

    • 2-4 years of experience in developing and maintaining complex databases

    • Knowledge of computer languages and systems MS Access, SPSS, Database, DBMS-R etc;

    • Work experience in a multi-unit, geographically diverse organization strongly preferred;

    Experience in accounting is welcomed

    • Ability to effectively communicate with project team members to understand and respond to project needs;

    • Ability to solve complex problems in collaboration with other team members;

    • Ability to train other staff in using technology and database;

    • Ability to analyze and interpret data;

    • Proven track record of IT decisions and implementation strategies;

    • Ability to interpret and/or discuss information with others, which involves terminology or concepts not familiar to many people;

    • Ability to prioritize and juggle many requests;

    • Ability to travel out to remote areas;

    APPLICATION CONTACT AND DETAILS TO APPLY Please submit CV and cover letter to This is a local Ghana position. The salary, currency and benefits (if applicable) follow EDC Ghana’s policies and standards. There is no relocation available with this position. Visit EDC is committed to diversity in the workplace.

    EDC offers a supportive work environment, competitive salary, and excellent benefits.

    2. Chief of Party-Ghana

    Ghana Innovating is a USAID contract, funded for 10 million USD across four years. It is designed to support the current portfolio of literacy projects in Ghana by promoting a culture of home-based reading grounded in local language.

    It will augment current classroom-level interventions by promoting reading in the community and the home by adopting a SBCC strategy and promoting it at national, regional, local and family levels.

    The SBCC strategy will pivot around tailoring culturally appropriate strategies informed by local ASER results, a broad program of small grants to local organizations that develop plans to promote literacy at the family level, and strategic partnerships formed with the private sector to promote home based reading.

    The Chief of Party will oversee all project operations in Ghana. He/She will manage relationships between the project donors, cooperating partners and relevant Ghanaian government entitities.

    He/She will also interact with subcontractors, private sector partnerships and media institutions. While a candidate with senior management experience is required, those with experience in Social Behavior Change Communicaiton, early grades reading and/or small grants administration is also preferred.

    The person in this position is expected to communicate clearly and courteously; to develop and maintain positive relationships with clients, consultants, collaborators, co-workers, field sites, and funders; and to work respectfully with EDC colleagues. The job requires adherence to EDC policies & procedures.

    The Chief of Party (IV) has overall responsibility for leading and managing an international project’s administrative, programmatic, technical, and operational aspects in the field — in collaboration with Project Director and in accordance with EDC, funder, and host country requirements — to achieve project success. S/he:

    • Strategizes, sets priorities; leads implementation, and reviews technical progress

    • Establishes, maintains, and is responsible for the ongoing administrative and financial operation of project offices with accountability to home office

    • Develops and monitors budgets, records, databases, and reference information

    • Determines resource needs and oversees resource use

    • Selects, hires, and supervises staff and subcontractors; assigns roles & responsibilities; manages performance

    • Meets contractual obligations

    • Implements regulatory compliance directives appropriate to the host country & funder

    • Develops policies & procedures to improve efficiency and quality, in conjunction with home office

    • Recommends prospective business development opportunities; may conduct comparative or competitive analysis

    • Conveys organizational philosophy and values

    • Will oversee communication staff who implement a national SBCC strategy

    • will oversee financial grants staff who implement a small grants program nationally

    • will oversee community literacy staff who support home-based reading initiatives

    The Chief of Party (IV)

    • Is responsible for partnering successfully with home office project director, Center, Business Services, expatriate and local staff

    • Is a representative of EDC and the project in the host country, interfacing with the ministry, or other government leaders, the funder, and others; builds positive client, vendor, and funder relations

    • Demonstrates diplomacy and leadership to foster an atmosphere of teamwork, productivity, creativity, fairness, equity, and innovation, in support of EDC’s commitment to diversity

    • Negotiates and mediates effectively

    • Interacts with large numbers of program participants or team members, guiding feedback exchanges, facilitating problem-solving, and providing expertise

    • Oversees administrative and logistical coordination; secures consensus about priorities and competing workload demands

    • Supervises technical, management, and administrative staff; directs and coordinates work of team leaders &/or project managers

    • Manages and coordinates activities of subcontractors and all partners to create synergy

    • Organizes and coaches teams

    • Fosters excellent communications among all parties, including with EDC home offices

    • Oversees training programs, workshops, conferences, or other collaborations

    • Travels


    This position requires educational achievement; excellent writing skills; demonstrable initiative, creativity, and flexibility; ability to work independently and effectively in groups; and strong interpersonal & organizational skills. Specific requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree

    • Master’s degree or PhD preferred

    • With Bachelor’s degree, 12+ years related experience, including a minimum of 8 years supervisory/project management or program development experience

    • With Master’s degree, 10+ years related experience (as above)

    • With PhD, 8+ years related experience (as above)

    This is a local Ghana position. The salary, currency and benefits (if applicable) follow EDC Ghana’s policies and standards. There is no relocation available with this position. Please submit CV and a cover letter to

    To apply:

    Please submit CV and a cover letter to

    3. Communications & Media Specialist

    S/he will act as the communications lead for Ghana Innovating, maintaining up to date knowledge and communication resources for the project. In particular, the post will be tasked with delivery of the communications strategy for the project to promote family reading with young children at the household and community level.

    She/he will work very closely with GES and project staff and have overall responsibility for managing the production and distribution of the project’s communications materials, at both regional and national level. She/he will also maintain the project website, and work with staff on communications capacity building. This position is located in Accra, Ghana.

    Essential Functions

  • Work with SBCC specialist to develop project communication plan
  • Work with literacy experts to develop thematic content on topics related to the importance of mother-tongue literacy, parental involvement in school, early grade literacy and the culture of reading
  • Work with media subcontractors to produce relevant print, radio, video and electronic media materials
  • Work with media outlets to distribute communication materials in digital and traditional media formats
  • In consultation with the funder and partners, develop and schedule public conversations/lectures about literacy at different venues including universities, MOE and school communities.
  • Maintain visible and ongoing national and regional presence through ongoing media campaign about literacy which includes:
  • Columns on newspapers
  • TV/radio spots
  • Community promotions and
  • Sponsored discussions, debates, discussions about literacy/reading
  • Develop a newsletter and issue papers/briefs, reports (could be monthly, quarterly) and a targeted circulation plan
  • Use social media and cutting edge technologies to promote program and reach audiences
  • Link with the private sector to promote program goals and set medium to long-term strategy partnerships.

    Qualifications and Requirements

  • Masters Degree in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, Public Relations or related disciplines,
  • 5 years of relevant experience preferred, and have proven writing and communications skills.
  • The position requires a keen instinct to know what is news- worthy and makes for strong copy. additionally, qualified candidates must be detail oriented, flexible, have strong multi-tasking, organizational and problem solving skills, work well in a team atmosphere and thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
  • Strong creative writing, oral, and grammatical skills are required. Excellent people and verbal communication skills

    This is a local Ghana position. The salary, currency and benefits (if applicable) follow EDC’s Ghana’s policies and standards. There is no relocation available with this position.


    EDC is committed to diversity in the workplace.

    EDC offers a supportive work environment, competitive salary, and excellent benefits.

    4. Regional Field Officer

    Project Description Serve as the primary contact for regional and district education officers for the implementation of a culture of reading campaign, liaising with district education officers, schools, and communities to ensure smooth delivery and coordination of trainings and activities. This position is located in Accra, Ghana.

    Essential Functions

    • Develop, in collaboration with the Education Specialist, work plans to ensure that culture of reading and indicator targets are met.

    • Work with districts and circuit officers to ensure quality control in culture of reading campaigns; effiective discubursemt andn utilisation of grants monitoring and evaluation at the local level.

    Qualifications and Requirements

    • A Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Social Science or a related discipline

    • 2 Years experience of working in education and or community development

    • At least 3 years experience working for an international NGO in education, preferably in the implementation of program activities

    • Prior experience liaising with and/or supporting program implementation with Ministry of Education structures in the Ghana

    • Fluent English and and a Ghanaian language

    • Clear written and verbal communication abilities

    • Complete mastery of MS word and MS excel, and ability to communicate by e-mail

    • Proven organizational skills

    • Ability to be based in a Regional capital

    • Availability to travel both within the assigned region and to Accra as needed

    This is a local Ghana position. The salary, currency and benefits (if applicable) follow EDC’s Ghana’s policies and standards. There is no relocation available with this position.


    EDC is committed to diversity in the workplace.

    EDC offers a supportive work environment, competitive salary, and excellent benefits.

    Please submit CV and a cover letter to

    5. Senior Accountant

    To ensure sound fiscal management systems comply with donor rules and regulations. The accountant will perform a full range of financial management duties, including records management. This position reports to Finance Manager.

    The Accountant will provide support and backstopping to the Finance Analyst in all aspects. The Accountant manages all accounts and completes all routine accounting functions including monitoring of contractual financial data in order to ensure compliance with the approved budgets. This position is located in Accra, Ghana.

    Essential Functions

  • Support EDC financial Management / Accounting functions;
  • Maintain journal entries of wire transfers from Home office;
  • Proceed for all transactions data entry in the QuickBooks system on a daily basis;
  • Maintain accurate and complete accounting records;
  • Comply with accounting and finance policies and procedures in accordance with USAID requirements and EDC policies
  • Prepare payment vouchers and checks, distribute checks to vendors;
  • Ensure generation of timely and user friendly reports for tracking project income and expenditures;
  • Assure accuracy of supporting documentation and entries for accounts reporting;
  • Resolve any discrepancies or clarification for accounting records;
  • Assist with completion of the monthly financial report.
  • Organize and maintain accounting filing system;
  • Support program staff in preparation of activity budgets;
  • Reconcile travel and activity advances
  • Review invoice accuracy
  • Make bank transactions;
  • Prepare and submit VAT refund claims on regular basis;
  • Prepare and submit declarations of statutory salary deductions to GRA and SSNIT
  • Perform other duties as required by the supervisor.

    Qualifications and Requirements

  • Bachelors Degree in Accounting or Business Administration with a minimum of 3 years of experience
  • Experience with bookkeeping and accounting practices (experience with USAID projects preferable)
  • Experience administering payroll and related income tax withholdings and benefits
  • Excellent organizational skills and experience maintaining financial filing systems and reporting documents
  • Experience producing financial reports for internal and external purposes
  • Experience working with accounting software such as QuickBooks or equivalent
  • Experience procuring goods and services and providing additional operational support

    This is a local Ghana position. The salary, currency and benefits (if applicable) follow EDC Ghana’s policies and standards. There is no relocation available with this position. Visit EDC is committed to diversity in the workplace. EDC offers a supportive work environment, competitive salary, and excellent benefits. Please submit CV and a cover letter to

    Exponential Education Jobs in Kumasi, Ghana

    1. Program Associate

    Overview: The Program Associate sets up and manages in entirety one to two after school Peer-to-Peer (P2P) tutoring programs, Expo's flagship program, in Ghana's Ashanti Region.

    The Program Associate (P.A.) will be in charge of working with local staff, government officials, local leadership and Ghanaian education professionals to set up and run his or her programs.

    This is a full time unpaid position (housing, SIM card, internet modem, and small move-in stipend provided) perfect for someone looking to gain experience living and working in Africa without having to pay program fees.

    In addition to running Exponential Education programs, you will also work closely with fellow Exponential Education staff, Ghana Education Services, the Ministry of Education and Ghana National Service to contribute to the delivery of secondary projects.

    These include but are not limited to our Girls Leadership programs and entrepreneurship programs. There is also opportunity for P.A.s to support the organization's communications and social media, and fundraising efforts, including grantwriting.

    Commitment: Exponential Education expects a minimum commitment of 4 months, with the potential to extend pending performance and organizational funding. Longer commitments of 1 year are preferred.

    Job Description: The Program Associate will play an essential role in the day to day operations on the ground in Ghana of Exponential Education. The direct supervisor for all P.A.s is the Director of Operations.

    He/she will be responsible for working with their assigned school district to set up and coordinate our after school peer-to-peer tutoring programs with the headmasters of selected schools, working with teachers to build a curriculum for each program, overseeing the program several days a week, monitoring student progress, and finally holding a graduation ceremony to celebrate the students accomplishments at the end of 10 weeks.

    The role involves coordinating with various stakeholders, working on a daily basis with junior and senior high school students, and representing Exponential Education to local education and government officials.

    Duties Also Include:

  • Creating a budget and managing program funds
  • Assistance with grant writing and fundraising for programs
  • Completing accounting, attendance, and evaluation reports for each program on a weekly basis
  • Communicating regularly with the Director of Operations in Ghana
  • Purchasing and managing necessary supplies for each program
  • Meeting with teachers to determine curriculum needs
  • Monitoring and evaluating student progress through periodic progress exams
  • Collecting and recording demographic data on student participants
  • Identifying new schools and districts suitable
  • Contributing towards the organizations fundraising efforts


    We are looking for early career candidates with a passion for youth and development who are interested in gaining practical field experience on the ground in Africa.

    Passionate individuals who fit the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • 4-year University degree
  • Preferred prior working experience in Africa
  • Experience tutoring, teaching, or working with youth and young people
  • Strong project management and organizational skills
  • Culturally aware and sensitive
  • Able to work well with people from different backgrounds
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Professional demeanor capable of representing our organization appropriately to communities, teachers, students, and district administration
  • Self-motivated and responsible, working well both in a team setting and with little oversight
  • Comfortable working remotely with staff both in the US and Africa
  • Flexible, adaptable and comfortable working in a foreign environment
  • Passion for international education, development, and supporting children in Africa is a must

    Preferred Start Date: January 6th, 2017

    Compensation: This is an unpaid, full time, volunteer position as currently Exponential Education puts nearly all of its funds into supporting children and running our programs in Africa.

    We do not charge any program or other additional fees, and we will provide a small move in stipend and complimentary shared housing, a local phone or new SIM card, and an internet stipend.

    We do however expect all incoming PAs to actively contribute to the organizations' ongoing fundraising efforts.

    Program Associates are expected cover the costs of their flight to Ghana, health insurance and vaccinations, visa fees, and other miscellaneous costs. In country we provide all of our Program Associates with 24/7 support, airport pickup and transport to work site, extensive training, introductory meetings with important officials, and accommodation in one of our volunteer houses.

    Program Associates will have direct support and assistance from our entire team both in Ghana and in the United States at all times.

    Prior to departure we will work closely with the Program Associate to provide them with a wealth of resources as well as connecting them with our US based fundraising team.

    Benefits: Upon completion of service, Exponential Education is prepared to assist with letters of recommendation and helping with job placement, using our considerable network of NGOs both in the United States and in Africa.

    This is a unique opportunity to gain both first hand field experience on the ground in Africa as well as time in a leadership role.

    We invest considerable time and resources in the professional development of our program associates with the hope that they will then be able to re-invest this same development time into the teachers and students they work with in their respective districts.

    We do ask that every team member launch their own fundraiser to help mitigate program costs, but there is no requirement on funds raised.

    We do not charge any program fees and 100% of the money raised by program associates is invested into the schools and communities you will serve in Ghana.

    2. Director of Operations

    The Director of Operations will assist in the management of all operations of Exponential Education in Ghana. Specifically, managing and directing Exponential Education programs and staff in Kumasi.

    Overall, the duty of the D.O. is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Expo staff and the successful implementation and monitoring of Expo’s education programs and partnerships.

    Specifically, he/she will be responsible for maintaining and ensuring timely budget reporting, accounting and finance management.

    He/she manages a field team of 6-10 people and coordinates staff projects, tasks, reports, meetings and logistics, reviews and improves programmatic curriculum alongside the Senior Program Manager and implements training workshops for Exponential Education students and staff.

    He/she will also perform other duties as requested by the Executive Director and Board of Directors. Essentially the DO is responsible for mainting and improving upon all internal operations, reporting structures and management of the organization in Ghana.

    Specific Duties Include:

  • Staff Management: lead bi-monthly staff meetings and hold weekly individual check-ins with all staff members. Be on hand to take the lead with any health or other issues of your team. Remain sensitive to intercultural communication within a diverse team of Africans, Europeans, and Americans.

  • Finance Management: budget analysis and tracking, termly and early estimates along with daily petty cash tracking.

  • Programmatic Reporting: write and deliver termly reports for Ghana Education Services. Share termly reports as needed with developing partners and donors. Submit weekly task summaries to the Executive Director. Read weekly reports submitted from each staff member. Improve internal reporting practices as needed.

  • Fundraising: guide the Ghana based team to assist with fundraising efforts designed by the Executive Director such as grant writting, collection of thank you notes from students, social media outreach, ect.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation: collect and compile data after each school term reflecting improvement rates, attendance, etc and analyze results.

  • Staff training and professional development: take the lead on hiring and new staff orientation processes, train onboarding staff in Expo processes and assist in the specialized trainingvof Program Associates.
  • Partnership Liaison: serve as representative of Exponential Education to any interested parties in the US or Ghana, as needed. Negotiate and help shape new partnerships while maintaining positive relationships with existing partners.
  • Knowledge Management: assisting with the improvement of internal processing and the structural development of the organization
  • Operations: coordinate the upkeep of Expo's house and office in Kumasi
  • Assist in Bi-Annual strategic planning exercise Qualifications:

    Expo is looking for early career candidates in the field of education, international development, business, and marketing who are interested in gaining experience and growing with us.

    This role is requires an individual with strong leadership and organizational capabilities. Passionate individuals who fit the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • At least 2 years work experience in another NGO or international organization, preference given to field work in Africa.
  • At least 6 months living in Africa
  • Completed at least a BA/BS, Master’s preferred.
  • Experience creating a budget, developing a business plan, marketing a product, and playing a key role in the functioning of a business preferred
  • Strong Excel skills
  • Outgoing, self-motivated and organized, working well with little over sight
  • Strong problem solving capability with positive can do attitude
  • Excellent communicator with experience successfully communicating across cultures
  • Flexible, adaptable, patient
  • Previous teaching/tutoring experience preferred (but not necessary)
  • At least 1 year of leadership or management experience (volunteer coordinator position preferred)
  • Passion for international education, development, and supporting children a must.

    Compensation: Compensation start modestly while candidate is in training: 400 cedis per month depending on experience (enough to live on in Ghana).

    After a successful completion of 1 quarter, salary will have a significant increase.

    Modest, shared furnished housing provided. Currently Exponential Education puts nearly all of its funds into supporting children and running our programs in Africa.

    Unfortunately, we cannot cover the cost of international travel, visas, and health insurance.

    Upon completion of the contract Exponential Education is prepared to assist with letters of recommendation and helping with job placement, using our considerable network of NGOs both in the United States and in Africa.

    Program Manager

    Note: This job is meant for bachelors graduates with 2-3 years of experience or masters graduates who want to gain field experience in order to build and further a career in international development.

    We offer housing and living stipends, and expect full time staff to provide a minimum commitment of 1 year.

    Our NGO is rapidly expanding, and there is ample room for growth within our organization.

    Please only apply if it is feasible to arrive in Ghana by January 2017.

    Overview: The Program Manager will assist in the management of all program operations of Exponential Education in Ghana specifically managing and directing Exponential Education Peer-To- Peer Tutoring programs, Girls Leadership Programs, Level Up Village STEM Programs, Entrepreneurial Development Programs and other relevant programs in Ghana and abroad.

    Commitment: Exponential Education expects a commitment of 40 hours per week. Location will vary from site visits to office presence, depending on the project load.

    Description: The PM will be directly supervised by the Director of Operations, will work closely with the Executive Director and will be responsible for maintaining and ensuring the success of Exponential Education programs.

    They will be assisting in the supervision of a field team of 6-10 people, and will have to coordinate staff programs and curriculum and ensure that staff members are providing quality programs with robust learning materials.

    When needed, they will review and improve curriculum, implement training workshops for Exponential Education students and staff, develop curriculum for new programs, teach classes, provide advising to PAs, and ensure internal management reporting.

    They will also to support our current partner initiatives to provide STEM curriculum to our partner school teachers. They will also perform other duties as requested by the Executive Team and the Director of Operations.

    The PM will play an essential role in the development, growth, and sustainability of Exponential Education.

    The role involves training program assistants, meeting with local headmasters and student groups, conducting monitoring and evaluation for our current programs, managing existing Exponential Education programs and improving/developing initiatives and programs. This position has considerable growth potential as our organization continues to expand.

    Duties May Also Include:

  • Monitor and evaluate all Kumasi Exponential Education programs.
  • Provide remote support and training to Peace Corps Volunteers
  • Prepare reports for partners at Ministry of Education on our operations.
  • Train volunteers on the teaching methods, ethics, curriculum, etc.
  • Develop workshops for tutors and teachers to develop further learning and teaching skills
  • Serve as a representative of Exponential Education to any interested parties in the United States or Ghana as needed
  • Cultivate relationships with schools and find partner schools in the Kumasi area to work with
  • Help the Level Up Village Coordinator in the expansion of STEM programs to partner schools
  • Help build new partnerships with NGOs, universities, and other organizations in Kumasi
  • Help in the planning of annual girls leadership conferences
  • Develop and improve curriculum, program, training and workshop materials
  • Ensure quality programming and services
  • Assist in the hiring and training of future staff and volunteers
  • Assist in biannual strategic planning exercise
  • Manage everyday program affairs, holding classes, scheduling, student files, weekly reporting, etc.
  • Assist with the improvement of internal processing and the structural development of the organization
  • Contribute to the organizations' ongoing fundraising efforts


    We are looking for candidates in the field of education, international development, or other relevant fields who are interested in gaining experience and growing with us. Passionate individuals who fit the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • At least 2 years work experience in another NGO or international organization
  • At least 6 months working/living in a developing country
  • Outgoing personality, comfortable talking both in person and on the phone
  • Previous education or program management experience required
  • Classroom experience
  • Basic IT proficiency (use of web cameras and recording audio, Google Drive, Office Suite)
  • Completed at least a BA/BS from US University or international equivalent.
  • Self-motivated and organized, working well with little over sight
  • Strong problem solving capability with positive can do attitude
  • Leadership or Management experience
  • Passion for international education, development, and supporting children in Africa a must

    Preferred Start Date: January 2017

    Compensation - Please Read Carefully!: Housing, a local SIM card and initial transport to our operation will be provided. The PM will receive a monthly stipend starting in January at $100 a month (approx 400 Cedis - more than enough to live on in Ghana as housing is included).

    Currently, Exponential Education puts nearly all of its funds into supporting children and running our programs in Africa.

    As we continue to grow and undergo a transitional phase we hope to bring on early career staffers that will grow with our organization. Unfortunately, we cannot cover the cost of international travel, visas, and health insurance.

    Upon completion of the contract, Exponential Education is prepared to assist with letters of recommendation and helping with job placement, using our considerable network of NGOs both in the United States and in Africa.

    How to apply:

    To apply please send your resume and a cover letter to along with contact information for 2 professional references.

    In your cover letter, please also confirm that you can start in January of 2017 and can commit to a minimum of 1 year. In addition, please indicate in your application how you heard about this opportunities.

    Team Leader Job in Accra, Ghana -Preventing Violence Against Adolescent Women and Girls

    IMA World Health is seeking applications for Team Leader for an anticipated DFID-funded violence against women and girls (VAWG) opportunity in Ghana. The Preventing Violence Against Adolescent Girls (PVAAG) program aims to contribute to the long-term reduction in the prevalence of VAWG as well as strengthen the evidence base on what works to mitigate violence against adolescent girls (aged 10-19) in Ghana.

    S/he to provide overall project leadership, management, and oversight, for all programme activities ensuring continuity of programmatic objectives and targets. The Team Leader will report directly to the Senior Technical Director of Programs.


  • Serve as IMA's representative to DFID, the Ghanaian government, other donors and multinationals, technical agencies and other participating organizations.
  • Manage quality and timely reporting through monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  • Lead development and implementation of the annual work plan and M&E plan.
  • Ensure visibility of program results, achievements and lessons learned through presentations at conferences and workshops and/or publishing articles through professional journals.
  • Serve as the primary person responsible for overseeing the full-time and short-term technical assistance personnel and directing program management and operations, including financial management, cost control, partner management, program planning, performance monitoring, financial reporting, and client relations.
  • Ensure technical capacity of staff and provide technical assistance and backstopping as required.
  • Hold team and partners accountable to meet objectives in timely manner and ultimately responsible for management of fiduciary risk, attention to value for money and continual performance improvement.
  • Ensure project expenses are reasonable and in accordance with donor rules and regulations.


  • Minimum of university degree in Gender Studies, International Development, Global Health, or a related field is required; Advanced degree in relevant field is strongly preferred.
  • Minimum 8 years of overall experience in management of programs of similar scope.
  • Minimum of 4 years experience managing and implementing donor funded projects, with a strong preference for experience and familiarity with DFID programming and priorities.
  • Minimum of 10 years experience working with programming in contexts similar to Ghana; experience working in West Africa and particularly Ghana will be strongly preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in concert with team, partner organizations, and key government stakeholders to achieve results.
  • A thorough understanding of the drivers of VAWG, in Ghana and/or the region, will be an asset.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.

    Ghanaian nationals are highly encouraged to apply.

    How to apply:

    All interested parties should apply through the IMA World Health career page by using the following link: Team Leader

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