Internships, Enterprising Solutions Global Consulting

Ideal candidates will be passionate believers in enterprise development for sustainable development in developing countries.

They will be excellent researchers and writers, and able to work with on a virtual team (i.e., can work from wherever in the world broadband internet reaches).

Enterprising Solutions is an equal opportunity employer and encourages women and men from all walks and stages of life to apply.

Specific Qualifications

• Great desire and cogent reasons for wanting to work in international enterprise development;

• Research and development is a proven passion;

• Masters degrees preferred, though exceptional candidates with BAs are free to apply (e.g., really great researchers, writers, and or lots of experience, can be included. Students and those in a mid career change are welcome to apply);

• Proven excellent writing skills;

• Ability to work virtually (i.e., from anywhere of your choosing)

• Must have own computer and access to broad band internet.

For more information:

To apply please send your CV to Marc de Sousa Shields (mdess@esglobal. com) and in 1 page please explain your understanding of the topic you wish to apply for, why it is important, and why you are the ideal candidate for this topic.

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