International Youth Photography Competition - Shoot Nations

Shoot Nations will award young photographers from around the world who submit images on the given theme.

Shoot Nations is addressing the theme of ‘Growing up in the 21st century’.

It seeks to build a global picture of the challenges facing young people in terms of the limitations and opportunities that come with being born male or female.

Any young person aged 11 — 25 can take and enter three photos (or drawings and graphic designs) to express their feelings on the following three briefs:

  • Because I am a Girl / Because I am a Boy (pick one)
  • What's holding me back?
  • What could I be?


  • No photography experience necessary.
  • You should enter one photo/drawing/design per brief and upload your entries to with a caption to explain what your photo is about.
  • The photos/drawings/designs you submit must be taken by you.
  • You can submit entries that were created before the competition start date.

    Winners will receive fabulous prizes.

    For more information and application, visit: International Youth Photography Competition - Shoot Nations
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