International Young Eco Hero Awards

Action For Nature, a nonprofit organization that encourages young people around the world to carry out individual environmental action projects, presents the International Young Eco-Hero Awards to recognize the individual accomplishments of young people (ages 8-16) whose personal actions have significantly improved the environment.

Action For Nature will award cash prizes of up to $500 each to young Eco-Heroes for their outstanding accomplishments in environmental advocacy, environmental health, research, or protection of the natural world.

The applications will be judged according to several criteria, including but not limited to:

  • originality,

  • difficulty,
  • organization,
  • length of time devoted to the project,
  • influencing/educating others,
  • use of outside resources (e.g., library, experts, media, community leaders),
  • degree of success in reaching goals,
  • and the impact on the environment.

    Deadline: February 28

    Contact information:

    Action For Nature, Inc.
    2269 Chestnut Street, #263
    San Francisco, CA 94123
    Phone: 415-421-2640
    Fax: Email: mail[at] For complete program information and application guidelines, visit; International Young Eco Hero Awards

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