International PhD Program Molecular Cell Biology, Max-Delbrück Centre, Germany

Every year 10-12 students from around the world are being selected on a competitive basis to join the Programme.

It is aimed at university graduates (with Diploma or Masters degree), who wish to obtain a PhD in the fields of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Cardiovascular Research, Developmental Biology and Neurobiology.

There are 41 Research Groups you could select from and it is up to you to choose that "big" question you wish to find an answer for during your PhD research.


The working language of the Programme is English.

Starting Date

Students should be able to start in September/October


Successful PhD candidates are awarded a 3-year Scholarship from the MDC or HU, with a possibility of extension decided on a case-by-case basis.

The salary level for the graduate students employed as research assistants is in accordance with the standard tariff for public service sector and is about 1400 EUR gross, which translates to between 900 - 1100 EUR net.

MDC also provides travel grants to its PhD students, encouraging them to attend international scientific meetings to present their findings.


PhD Coordinator
Dr. Oksana Seumenicht
Tel: +49 30 9406 4243
Graduate Committee
Tel: +49 30 9406 3735
Fax: +49 30 9406 3298 For More information see; International PhD Program Molecular Cell Biology, Max-Delbrück Centre, Germany.

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