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The Harry Chapin Media Awards, formerly the World Hunger Media Awards, were created in 1982 to encourage the media to "tell the story of hunger and poverty."

The Media Awards honor print and electronic media for their outstanding coverage that positively impacts hunger, poverty and self-reliance.

The Media Awards also honor work that focuses on the causes of hunger and poverty and the forces creating self-reliance.

This includes work on economic inequality and insecurity, unemployment, homelessness, domestic and international policies and their reform, community empowerment, sustainable development, food production, agriculture, nutrition and the struggle for land.

The Awards cover six media categories: Newspaper, Magazines, TV/Film,Radio, Photojournalism and Books.

All entries for the Harry Chapin Media Awards must have appeared in the media between January 1 and December 31 of those respective years.

International entries must be submitted in English.

Unpublished manuscripts or photographs are not eligible.

Television, film and radio must have been broadcast.

Multi-media submissions are accepted in all categories.

The cash awards will be presented to the credited writer, reporter or photographer, or in the case of TV/film or radio, to the producer and reporter

Selection Criteria:

Criteria for the Harry Chapin Media Awards include:

  • The impact of the work on its audience and on its awareness of the problem

  • The quality of the writing, visuals, and presentation

  • The work promoting the empowerment of people

  • The presentation of a new idea or an important restatement of the old

  • The work reaching a broad audience and/or reaches its targeted audience

  • The work is solution oriented and informative
    Deadline: 25th February

    For more award information and application, see: Harry Chapin Media Awards Website

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