Communications Officer, Africa, IC/GLR Conference Secretariat

Africa: Communications Officer in the IC/GLR Conference Secretariat

The objective of this post is to assist, facilitate and secure the management of all Strategic communications related functions attached to the Conference Secretariat and to enable the Executive Secretary of the CS to deliver the services also for other levels of action as defined in the RFM e.g. the Summit level, the Troika as well as on the Ministers level.

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Communications Officer in the IC/GLR Conference Secretariat

The Heads of State and Governments of the IC/GLR Member States have vested important and comprehensive functions regarding the management and maintenance of peace and security in the Great Lakes Region into the Regional Follow-up Mechanism (RFM) of the IC/GLR.

The Conference Secretariat as an important element of this Follow-up Mechanism is tasked to organize and provide the respective services to ensure that the RFM can fulfil these peace and security functions in the interest of the Member States.

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