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Also Known As

  • Host/Hostess, Airline
  • Steward/Stewardess, Airline
  • Cabin Crew, Airline
  • Flight Attendant, Airline

Cabin Crew Jobs

Flight attendants are responsible for the care, comfort and safety of airline passengers. They demonstrate safety procedures, prepare food, serve meals and drinks, as well as sell goods during the flight.

Work Activities

  • The duties of the Air Hostess/Steward are aimed at the safety, comfort, and well-being of the passenger. The Air Hostess/Steward welcomes the passengers on board the aircraft and ensures that they are comfortably seated. They need to communicate with the terminal to ensure that all expected passengers have boarded the flight. They provide health, safety and emergency information to the passengers before take off.
  • The air hostess/steward also makes sales of goods such as souvenirs, perfume and cosmetics from an in flight catalogue. Most major international currencies are accepts and you need to make calculations to determine the value of the cash you receive. Detailed hand written records are kept of sales on each flight.
  • In handling food and drinks, Air Hostess/Steward need to be aware of food hygiene procedures and safety in dealing with ovens and hot food, particularly in a moving vehicles and during times of turbulence.
  • Depending on the type of flight, the Air Hostess/Steward may serve meals, light refreshments and drinks, etc. The duties also include dealing with passenger enquiries and complaints.
  • Air Hostesses/Stewards are the main link between the Airline and its passengers. They are responsible for passengers continuing to use their service. They are the Airline's image. Airlines put a lot of emphasis on a smart appearance and you can expect to wear the Airline's uniform, which may include specified shoes and accessories.

Personal Qualities and Skills

  • Personal qualifications include a good appearance and deportment, a confident friendly personality, a genuine interest in and ability to deal with people, and a capacity for hard work.There may be restrictions in relation to maximum height and build. Good health, hearing and eyesight are important.
  • You need to be patient and mannerly and have a good sense of humour. You need to be able to keep a clear and calm head in emergency situations. A second international language would be an advantage.
  • You need to have good numeracy skills to perform currency calculations and give the correct change as well as having clear handwriting for writing reports and keeping records.

Pay and Opportunities

Salaries vary depending on the airline. Some salaries have an element of commission. Most airlines offer allowances for meals and for working unsocial hours. You receive subsidised travel and may be paid an allowance when working away from home.

Salaries will rise with experience.

Entry Routes and Training

Airlines advertise for Air Hostesses/Stewards in the press and internet when vacancies arise. Appointments are made on the basis of interviews of candidates whose applications suggest their likely suitability for the job. The care, neatness, and intelligence with which the application form is completed are, therefore, of great importance.

Employers usually prefer candidates to have some experience in related fields such as the caring professions, catering or travel agency work.

Knowledge of languages is also highly desirable.

Some employers have age and height restrictions. New entrants are usually in the 18-35 age band and some airlines retire cabin staff at 50 - 55 years.

On taking up employment with the company, successful applicants undergo a training course. The emphasis will be placed on first aid and emergency procedures, passenger relations, grooming, the hygienic preparation and presentation of food and drinks.

Progress during training will be monitored with assessment at each stage. All customer service personnel are required to undergo further training from time to time.


The applicant for the post of Air Hostess/Steward is required to have a good secondary education. Knowledge of other languages such as French and Spanish is an advantage.

Previous medical training or experience of dealing with the public is an advantage.

You will need to pursue further education and a KCSE certificate is not adequate. Some airlines such as Kenya Airways will need one to have a bachelors degree. Smaller airlines may take graduates of various cabin crew college courses.

The average cabin crew course duration is 6 months. Taking a cabin crew course is not a guarantee for employment as a flight attendant. Those with a bachelors degree in related areas have a distinct advantage.

Adult Opportunities

Airlines will not consider recruiting anyone under the age of 18 years. Some airlines retire staff at 50 - 55 years of age.

Further Information

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